28 March 2011

Second Life Bike Tour - Reloaded! X

Did I say freakiness yesterday? Well... I guess I got it. Not in the way as I expected it though. But lets begin with the... well - start:

Pero - wow! classy oldschool-psychedelic-science-fiction-feeling!

As long as there was a road things went pretty smooth. The Landscape east of Bear wasnt too spectacular but at least I encountered nothing which could have hurt my aesthetical feelings. But suddenly:

Maquapit - no - not again!

For reasons I cannot really understand the people in that area have a great affinity to security orbs or - even worse - banlines. I really wonder what these people are afraid of... as If someone could steal their TVs there!
Peacefully exploring these spots by bike quickly become a real pain: Avoiding this, avoiding that, running away from security orbs - and desperately trying to find a passage all through that. Oh and of course they put plenty of no-script-zones there as well - perhaps to ensure to kill every bit of joy while travelling through their land.
I rarely appreciated finding the road again like I did this time. And they even had some interesting places at the roadside:

Winyah - a... bughouse?

Enjoying a moment of enlightenment at Hennepin - forgetting all profane things...

... or not: a - grill???

Hennepin - sometimes sim-crossing can go awfully wrong.

Hmmm... a shrine for a local deity I assume.

Frontenac - this looks familiar. Btw: this picture took me an awfully long time to take. Its hard to find a place around that tower which isn't either blocking your way with a banline or disturbing your vision with huge and ugly rotating spheres.

After somehow managing it to find a rezz-zone and maneuver myself back to the road (needless to mention there are way too many banlines and no-script areas) another suprise did await me:

Wrong turn at Whitlock - they MUST be kidding!

No - they aren't! My decision to follow the road underwater wasn't the best at all. But alas - I can't ignore my curiosity...

Aswan - logically this place is called Sutherland Abyss!

The Abyss quickly turned into a real lag purgatory. And again, the landscapers managed it to put it that elegantly at a sim-crossing that I literally crashed various times while trying to drive back to the surface: Gaining height, getting into the sim-crossing, falling through several sims, getting back on the road eventually just to fall back into the sim-crossing... etc.
Sometimes I just want to rub some faces on the floor... 
After getting finally out of that "Bermuda Triangle of Lag" (lets agree on calling the whole sim complex Hennepin-Frontenac-Whitlock-Aswan this way) I headed flatout to the west... far far away from that doomed spot.
I finished todays stage with arriving back at the Isabel Infohub after an uneventful but comfortably fast ride.

Todays route: I guess me and the east of Sansara won't ever be friends... please note that the dotted line marks the painful and (due to an immense amount of frustration) impossible to reconstruct parth where I had to go offroad once again. Oh, and you can clearly identify Sutherland Abyss in the northeastern corner where I desperately tried to get back to the regular road and taking the right junction this time... lets hope the west will be less stressful.

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