29 March 2012

Flying Drows And Wingwalking Ponies

Since the weather is getting nicer every day (or is it just my skysetting?), it is time to wipe the dust from my aeroplanes and fuel them up for some flying at Blake Sea - it has been a while!

And because shared fun is doubled fun I took Emma and Veronica with me. The latter one got an exclusive seat on the wing of my Vintage Biplane, of course with enforced Mouselook and securely strapped on.

Ready for take-off! Drow Pilot, Human copilot, and Pony wing-walker sitter.

What really surprised me was the excellent performance of the regions. Despite flying with 2 passengers the plane never got lost while sim-crossing. To the contrary: It was, unlike maybe 6 months ago, always a pretty smooth experience. Well done, Linden Lab!

What a pleasantly lag-free journey. Only Veronica crashed when trying her VR-Glasses during flight.
Always fun: doing landings on impossible small spots like...



...or boat hangars.

Can you spot the plane?

Back on the ground watching other pilots following the aeronautical regulations.

Thanks to the server updates LL has made flying in SL is now more fun than ever. I never had so little lag! 

But I have more good news: I have released a new airplane. The legendary Boeing-Stearman PT 17 - one of the most popular aircraft of its time with over 8,500 units produced!
Introduced in 1934 the Stearman was widely used as trainer and for air-acrobatics. A beautiful classic design and a joy to fly!

Check it out at my Store! Buy the miniature for displaying it at home, or the full-sized flyable version (bonus Miniature included!).

To make the flying experience perfect, here are the airports with best connections to the Blake-Sea-Regions:

Blue Skies!

23 March 2012

RIP Twilight Forest

The news didn't came too surprising, but still leave an odd feeling: Twilight Forest - my old hunting ground - is closing its gates on March 31th.

In its best days Twilight has been a synonym for a thrilling and funny hunting- and bdsm-roleplay place where simply everything could happen.
And this "everything" made it so interesting. Unlike similar hunting sims like "The Village" or the countless stupid Gor-places, there was real equality between the genders: No weaker weapons for women, no bonus hitpoints for males.

It was a place with a decent degree of anarchism - in the best sense of the word. Unlike many role-play-communities with their rules carved in stone, their dresscode and their restraining obligation to stay in a defined character you could do your own thing there. As the only restraints were the ones enforced by RLV.

But sadly there was significant decline of visitors over the recent months, together with a stronger growing bias towards Gor, which I think is the main reason for the closing of Twilight Forest.

Free anarchic hunting doesn't has much in common with the sexist and rule-obeying, closed down world the goreans live in. It is in fact the total opposite. It is just not fun for the average gor male to encounter a woman wearing clothes and not a "prey"-tag and who - to make things worse - capture them even!
Perhaps it is a compensation for 1st Life shortcomings for the Gor males that they envision themselves as grim, fearless and invincible warriors in SL, who only feel safe if a woman is naked and on their knees. Oh and don't get me started about women tribes like the Panthers - they are different than the males, but in no way better.

For me as huntress with tendencies to switch it was surely no fun in dealing with goreans as the usual reaction to a lost fight against me was a total denial of participating in role-play or claims of cheating. Needless to mention that they usually have RLV turned off anyway. Where is the fun in winning if you have nothing to lose?

So it came down to a few Twilight regulars (mainly switches of course) as worthy opponents as the forest became more and more quiet.
I don't know if the end was inevitable. I like to believe it was not. I like to believe the place simply failed to attract the right people, that it could have been a striving community if the circumstances would have been better.

Anyway... the story of Twilight Forest ends soon. Hopefully not the story of hunting-roleplay itself. It can be fun if you feel switchy - believe me ;-)

11 March 2012

The Future Is Kinky - Necronom VI

Space - infinite kink... these are the voyages of the daring explorer Some and her faithful crew. Her missions lead her to strange new worlds, to seek our new naughtiness and new dimensions of domination.

To boldly go where no sub has gone before...

Yeah you have guessed right. This time I'm featuring a scfi-fi-themed place. The Space Colony Necronom VI to be precise. Its a place full of weird and kinky ideas and certainly interesting too if you aren't into adult games.

The place is divided into several themed areas like engineering, space-dock, medical, living quarters, etc -  You can really spend hours there with exploring ;-)

Luv, me and Emma observing a Singularity.

The singularity observing us.

 Big hair, big thoughts - Emma doing some quantum-physical calculations... 

...or at least mocking it by randomly pushing buttons.

Performing a medical scan on Luvia. Results were: shes grey!

Luvia meeting some kind of a ground based "stimulation device".

Keep your thoughts clean - do a brainwash regulary!

Ok, actually its called upload and as you can see I am reading my thoughts with quite some interest.

Getting some kind of ray-treatment. It tickles a bit and the zero-G-feeling is nice.

"Greeted" by an annoying, well... greeter-bot

Inspecting Emma: 2 legs, two arms, one head..

...and huuuge hair!

After breaking 3 scissors and a lightsaber I did refrain from giving her a new haircut though.

Even in space there is office work to do...

I am not sure what this is. But its definitely... glowing.

Taking special care of somebody special.

Nice ass, Luvia!

Fanfare please! The dashing explorer and her crew is arriving!

My turn to receive medical treatment...

...and being covered with resin - who clicked that button, dammit?

No, these aren't botox-injections.

The tentacle-do-funny-things-with-your-privates-area. More of this coming up next time...

Nice, isn't it? Necronom VI has also its own blog which even got updated in february... 2011. For more current information about this place. See my next post ;-)