29 December 2014

Yay! New Shoregate is close to Completion!

One could argue of course, that a Sim is never really, really, fully finished, but I am happy to say New Shoregate is in a very showable state already! :-)
Regular readers may have noticed that when it gets quiet here *taps the blog and sees some dustclouds rising*, then I'm quite busy with other projects. Well, obviously the other project was New Shoregate!

The massive Shoregate-Tower dominating the city.

It was such a fun to build there - and still is! Cyhtleen and I are a very good team and also the input from our friends was extremely helpful to create a believable, breathing (btw. do zombies breathe?) and very atmospheric city.

At the Harbour,

A big part of the atmosphere comes from the right choice of buildings, colours and the right layout. To achieve this I was looking intensely at prefabs to use at New Shoregate, but I soon realized that if I wanted to have things look right and have a decend land impact (its "just" a Homestead-Sim after all!), I had to make them by myself. Which I did.
I will gradually put the items I created (and will create) on sale: houses, airship docking tower, diverse building compoments - and perhaps even our tram system.

The Tram is elevated, so you can run away from Zombies better!

The Prometheus and the Airpirate-Zeppelin docking at the Shoregate-Tower.

The Northern Bridge.

Speaking of sale: I moved my mainstore from Lionheart to New Shoregate. It is simply a much better display opportunity. Basically the whole sim is a Drow Science showroom! Especialy the new structures and my big airships will benefit a lot from the move. They can't really been exhibited at a rental sim.

The new Drow-Science Mainstore.

The new Drow Science Mainstore is located on the main street leading north from the harbor. Just follow the rails for the Tram and you can't miss it! It also has a Sunshine-Technology-section (the store my partner Emma owns).

Yay! So many nice things to buy!

The creator and her creations.

The Morlock's Revenge Pub. Soon on sale too!

The Cemetery: who knows the first incarnation of Shoregate surely knows how much I like the beauty of decay.

Anyway. I wish you a lot of fun on New Shoregate! We will gradually add more things to it, most prominently a adventure-game/gift hunt based on a Lovecraftian story. Stay tuned for more news!

Your Ticket to New Shoregate

21 November 2014

More Rumours!

Rumours go that Shoregate is getting closer to its completion. They also speak of a mysterious expedition by the crew the steam-zeppelin HMS Arkham, to the south pole where they found strange artifacts - and perhaps more than they ever wanted to find...

On its return to Shoregate, the ship crash-landed in a heavy storm just as it reached the city's outskirts. Since that night strange things happened, so they say: A mysterious cult appeared and did their bizarre rituals in the obscurity of the swamp north of the city. Madness and decay did spread all over the island. The dead began to walk on earth, weird creatures, which can't be from this earth appeared and hunted the inhabitants...

Sounds like something you'll have to see? Feel free to have a wander around. I can honestly say it looks already pretty great - still work in progress though!

16 November 2014

Time for more unclear pictures!

Like this one: It clearly shows... not much. A cemetery for sure - not too difficult to recognize. So yes: New Shoregate will have a cemetery - a dark one! With dead people in it! And perhaps walking around too. So much I can say already!

Next time I will have something more telling, I promise!

9 November 2014

I heard a Rumour...

...about the return of a certain sim. Shoregate was its name, if I remember correct. Well, a return of sorts actually: Rumour goes that this time the sim will be focused on 19th century gothic horror, combined with steampunk-elements. Oh and of course zombies. Lots of zombies! And Lovecraft! And other things! Quite a wild rumour, isn't it?

I heard a rumour...

More rumours coming soon!

27 October 2014

New Airship: Air Pirate Zeppelin!

While the scripting of the Prometheus was affected by RL schedules, I finished in the meanwhile the Air Pirate Zeppelin, the big brother of the miniature version I made for the Sinister Steampunk Hunt.

Steampunk Air Pirate Zeppelin!

It doesn't only looks stunning (thanks to materials effects), it is also very easy to fly, has a very reasonable prim-count and offers plenty of positions for Avatars. Take a look at the samples - the model is my lovely Emma Sunshine:

You can find the Air Pirate Zeppelin at the Marketplace or in my in-world store. I also have it on life-size-display at Mieville Twain.

And since Halloween is coming very soon, I also made a "Flying Dutchman" Mini:

Boo! Scary! A flying Dutchman Airship!

Cute, isn' it? Here is the Marketplace-link: Halloween Mini Zeppelin.

Happy Halloween! And I hope to have soon good news about the release of a certain other pretty large project. Fingers crossed that RL cooperates!


I like Halloween Mini Zeppelin so much that I made a full-size version of it too - scary thing!

Ghost Pirate Zeppelin!

And here is the link to it!

24 October 2014

Dark Fairy Tales: Some Impressions of the Rebuild Dark Wishes - Part 2

I just can't get enough of Dark Wishes! This time I selected a more gloomy sky-setting, which worked out even better than I did expect. The lighting of the place is just fantastic and a so very fitting to the Halloween-mood I'm into. I had so many magic moments!

Speaking of Halloween. Dark Wishes will have its annual Halloween Costume-Party this weekend!

When? Saturday 25 Oct, 1 PM SLT

Where? Dark Wishes BDSM Playground

Who? DJ Arch Darwin and the usual lunatics like Talia, me and Emma!

See you there. Will be great fun!

22 October 2014

Dark Fairy Tales: Some Impressions of the Rebuild Dark Wishes - Part 1

My friend Talia and her sub Kaylee did a wonderful job in redesigning her sim. I spent quite some time there to catch all the wonderful scenes I found there:

I already had a second session on monday. I can't seem to get tired of the place!

Feel free to explore the place: Dark Wishes

14 October 2014

Femdom Hunt V: The Countdown Is On!

Just a few days till this year's Femdom Hunt starts and again I'm quite excited we are on board again!
Antony from Z&A again does great lengths to ensure it is a smooth running, well organized event and even provides a tutorial for store-owners - nice job!

The hunt starts on Friday, Oct 17 and ends on Sunday, Nov 2. For further Information just hit the Hunt-Blog.

Again we have prepared something special. This we delve a bit in the sci-fi-cyberpunk-direction. Here is a little preview:

Sunshine Technology Plasma Cage.

The captive is secured by force-field bars which are filled with high energetic plasma. It is constantly changing its colours which creates a smooth and quite hypnotic effect. A real looker! And of course fully RLV-eabled. Goes without saying really.
The full-price variant will - amongst other things - feature advanced texture and glow options and fun RLV features we are currently developing.

We also have opened a new Sunshine Technology store at Dark Wishes:

Sunshine Technology @Dark Wishes.

You will surely remember the sim-walkthrough I wrote a while ago. Well I will write a new one soon: they had a quite extensive rebuild and it looks better than ever before - definitely worth some exploring.

3 October 2014

New Date For The Sinister Steampunk Hunt: Saturday October 4!

Good news! Emedea sent a message today to the hunt merchants: The hunt can take off just as planned. With a short delay though: The hunt will start on October 4, at 8 am SL time. We also got the kit with the hunt-items and I did set up everything for the big day when the daring gift-hunters come!

Starting the hunt at a weekend is actually a pretty good idea. There are much more people online than weekdays, so what sounded like bad fortune first, might actually lead to a pretty glorious start. For further infos, just hit this sign at my store (the Sinister Steampunk Hunt-blog hasn't been updated yet)

Yes - its happening! Start: Saturday October 4!

Speaking of a glorious start: The building of the new air pirate zeppelin is now to about 90% finished. Just some fun bomb dropping features missing yet and the obligatory test-runs. It should be finished shortly and be ready to conquer the skies!

Air Pirates over Flotsam!

It already had its maiden-flight over Blake Sea, including visits at Hollywood Airport, Honah Lee, Flotsam and Crow's Nest, before landing at the New Horizons Airport. It was a perfectly smooth ride. Very pleasing, despite its massive size: its over 64 meters long! Land-impact wise the ship will be in the 50 Li region, which is a amazing number for such a huge build.

Captain Some!

Floating majestically over the rooftops.

Even the evil zombie-pirates nearby were pretty envious !

Oh and on that note: News about the Prometheus-Class! We will finish the scripting very soon (I know, I said this before, but real-life can delay things even for us ;-) ) and plan the release-date to be coming week!