26 June 2013

Jordan Reyne Live @Cyhtleen's Bookstore!

Before the big opening of the Kreativdorf (creative village) and Cyhtleen's bookstore at Kueperpunk's sim Ataria on coming Saturday 29th, Jordan gave a concert there tonight.
Its always a touching experience to listen to her. She is really one of the most gifted and charismatic performers in SL - no she doesn't pays me to say this! Its simply the truth :-)

Here a few impressions of the concert. I hope to see you there on Saturday too when she is reading her new horror story "Remembering the Dead".

Here the virtual time-space coordinates in short:

Jordan Reyne readying "Remembering the Dead" Saturday 29th, 1 PM SLT @Der Buchladen an der Ecke. No worries, the story is in English ;-)

More about Jordan:


One More SL10B Post!

There are just a few days left till it closes and I have to say: what a great event! I really feel a little sad its ending so soon. It was a wonderful festival of art and happiness and creativity making me spending hours after hours there! I think I never did so many photos in such a short time.
I am still amazed about the many different approaches people took - some of then even following this years motto! ;-)

Another really positive thing is that SL10B had a healthy low amount of commercial advertisement. I am very happy about the rather strict exhibitors conduct - its not a sales convention after all!

Building-wise the level was nicely high. And the future is definitely and insistently pointing towards meshes for landscaping and building structures - we will see amazing things there, I am very sure about that!

Its really quite a way LL's creation has behind itself. From really crude graphics of its early days through countless steps of evolution (not all of them successful, buts thats evolution too). Some came pretty late indeed, but still in time it seems - SL is still there after all!
If you ask me, especially the recent improvements really gave a boost in the quality of the experience. There are still some quite rough edges and design flaws which cannot be ironed out that easily. Much is simply due to the sheer age of the system.

Anyway. I am very sure SL will see another 10 years at least. Its an anarchic, mad, silly, curious, enthralling and in every way colourful wonderland!

WarBug Corner

Ok, its product-presentation, but in a fun way and they give away a free SL10B plane ;-)

And having a red Fokker Triplane gives extra sympathy credits!

Just hope the Disney-guys won't see this here...

Dreaming Time

Another Parcel Which Looks Too Good To Have No Name

But it hasn't! What a shame - its so lovely!

New England In Second Life

Once again a lovely example of landscaping!


Ooooh! A Dwarfen mining project!

Despite being underground-dweller too there is no real sympathy between Drow and Dwarfs. I think they envy our long Drow legs :p

ER Bear Bash 2

Another 100% commercial plots at SL10B I usually don't post about them, but at least all bears were freebies. But my main reason was the following picture:

Oh, and did I mention that its on a G-rated sim? ;-)

Time Capsule

The name already tells it: Each box contains a time capsule from its year - back to 2005! I wonder whats all in there? Vintage lag-spikes? Preserved bugs?

Nomiki's Eats And Treats Exhibit


Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Project

RL content ahead! I gladly feature this one a bit more extensively: This exhibit is made by an NGO which is active in eastern-Africa.

The project is aiming in sustainable development, education and economic growth instead of simple charity. You can learn more about them on their website.

And it brings a lovey piece of Africa to SL!

I tried really hard but Motorhead just didn't sounded right on it :p

This is actually how sculpts are made!

The Jewelery is just one of more than a dozen freebies you can get there.

The project also has a parcel outside of the festival grounds. Check it out!

Invasion of the Space Dinosaurs

And now for something completely different. I think this picture speaks for itself ;-)

This will be one of the exhibits I will remember for a long time...

A very long time.

There are also rides in flying cars to take. But the cars look actually cooler than the rides are.

Still I love the alien elvises! Thank you SL for all the madness!

Avatar Evolution

The last one nicely concludes my SL10B postings. As its name already tells it is a review on how our avs appearances changed over the years. And I'm pleased to say its maker didnt forget the fun!

Evolution, lesson 1: At the beginning was the prim!

There is hardly a more fun way to illustrate all the improvements which came to SL over the years.

I remember the first time I saw and avatar as cloud - I actually thought its a really cool costume!

The LL bear as crown of creation? I.Hope.Not.

Another glance into SL-Stoneage: The birth of the prim-hair!

Show this picture to everyone who says that things were better in the old days :p

Phils hair! Run for your lives!!!

24 June 2013

Now Let's See Some of The Big Things...

To my own surprise I did actually attend to some of Sunday's events. The sims they were held are really a sight - beautiful!
Also a very clever solution: splitting stage and audience room on different sims. I have seen this a few times before and its a excellent way to have a full venue and at the same time ample ressources left for the stage show and preparing the next show. Funny though that most of the audience did still concentrate in one region.
And I tried not to take any photos - of course I failed :p

The Live Stage

Sims: Impressive/Spellbound

The Live Stage simar are not just great building work: I could crank up the draw distance to about 300 meters with full details and was still able to move my camera without crashes! This clearly shows the advantages of meshes: an experienced builder can make a good looking exhibit without wasting polygons. Its also a fine example that you don't need millions of textures - which saves resources too!

Just - wow! 

This ramp leads you directly to the stage

Which is split amongst the two sims of the installation. Sadly the stage is a quite oversized, making the performer appear a bit lost.

If you wander around though you can explore fantastic looking ruins overgrown by the jungle.

They would actually do just as fine as (perhaps smaller) concert venue.

The Cake Stage

Sims: Pizzazz/Fascinate/Enchant/Astound

The Cake Stage is the center of the SL10B sims. Its basically a huge tree...

...with concert hall inside. Here Josie Anderton doing a really fine performance.

And fruit cake on top!

The concert hall as seen from just below the ceiling. You can see
1) the massive size of it and
2) the sim-cross which is splitting the hall in 4 pieces, located in 4 different regions.

The Lake Stage

The smallest of the venues. Very lovely looking though and much more intimate than the huge rock-festival-sized venues.

The DJ Stage

Sims: Awesome/Incredible

I find it quite curious that hot techno tunes are supposed to be played in a cooling tower!

The interior though is more a reactor chamber. Which looks pretty cool but a little implausible. Ah well, perhaps the builder should have read my post about SL's nuclear plant.

The Corn Field

This is the counterpart of visiting Alcatraz in RL. The original Corn Field was used in former times to temporarily ban "naughty avatars". You could neither IM nor TP outside once the Lindens put you there. Quite interesting idea! Don't ask me though if you could cheat this ban with an alt.

Corn! Endless rows of corn! An no popcorn machine - how cruel!

Linden Bear Island

Another piece of living SL-history, but much more pleasant. LL releases bears for special occasions like the introduction of direct-delivery or meshes. Also every Linden made their own personal bear!

I love the DJ bear!

Just that you know - its a G-rated sim :p

A pity really that the events are over now. I hope the exhibits, which will be open for the public until the 29th. will still attract lots of people. There is so much to be seen and the concert stages are even a sight when there is no event ;-)