28 February 2012

A Lovely Chaos - Spencer Museum Of Art

What I really enjoy about Second Life is the overboarding creativity you can encounter. Its really a digital wonderland just waiting to be explored.

One of the places which really deserve the description "wonderland" is the Spencer Museum Of Art by the university of Kansas with their Second Life exhbition. A combination of art and the use of artificial intelligence which really creates something unique and - if you ask me - pushes surreal virtual art to a new level.

The entrance point doesn't offer too much. Just a link to their website and some decorative and columns which add a nice bit of surrealism.

Of course it wont stay only with a "bit"...

This house is sort of "backbone" of a lovely made structure settled somewhere between steampunk and circus themes.

A glance at "Petrovsky Flux"

The predominant installation however is called "Petrovsky Flux", which the creators describe as

"(...) a cluster of devices that grow, assembling themselves from modular units, only to blow apart and rebuild themselves. Each time they rebuild differently so the overall flux is, as the name implies, constantly changing."

Inside the Flux. Its actually quite challenging to stage a shot inside the structure because its indeed constantly changing.

Taking a sheep taxi. Oh and they have flying pigs too ;-)

Eye to eye with an - eye.

Quite relaxing to watch the Flux growing - and breaking apart afterwards :p

For a more mysterious and gloomy (do I have to remind you I am a Drow?) experience I picked "[TOR] - SUNSET - Eggdrop" as skysetting.

I think the similarity to a MD Pod Prison is purely accidentally.

Just a lovely place for musing...

Check it out!

Spencer Museum Of Art Homepage

Homepage of the SL Exhibition

or simply take a Teleport ;-)

18 February 2012

Steampunk Furniture & More!

New products just left my secret Drow Design Labs! I always felt I could have some more steampunk room decoration in my product line - well this has changed. The first item is something im especially proud of. A Steampunk Orrery!

I must say I'm pretty enthralled of the amount of miniaturization I have achieved: The Orrery has exactly the size of my popular Steampunk Globe II but contains the 6 inner planets of our solar system with their distinictive appearance. Saturn even has its rings!
The planets are also animated so they rotate around the sun on their metal bases. The sun itself got a unique particle-corona which makes it looking pretty real.

A suiting addition to the Orrery is this lovely Steampunk Fireplace. Thanks to the use of plenty of sculpts I was able to create a classy looking piece of room decoration without wasting prims. I like especially theanimated fire which harmonizes so well with the shiny metal columns.

Because of their popularity I did also overhaul my line miniatures and added some new models too like the Sopwith Camel and the Steampunk Airscrew Helicopter:

I'm also proud to present you the first image of a prototype im currently working on. It will be something special - so much I can say. And it looks already pretty stunning, doesnt it?

You can find all my current and upcoming releases at my store at the Second Life Marketplace!

9 February 2012

Da Vinci Meets Steampunk

Some may remember my project to recreate Leonardo Da Vinci's famous Airscrew-Helicopter. Now after a longer break I can proudly announce it finished - and it looks (and flies) better than I ever imagined!

Ready for takeoff: mad Drow scientist Dr. Some and her assistant Emma.

I spent lots of time on the many details. Like this lovely animated power transition.

En route through Forgotten City

The rim of the base platform is counter-rotating to compensate the propeller's gyroscopic effects and to stabilize the flight - a nice idea by Emma.

As all my creations I feature here this wonderful piece of steampunky creativity can be purchased in my Marketplace-Store.

Blue skies!