12 May 2015

Sim Redecoration @Unzipped!

My friends Destany and Barnabas at Tesla Isle have given their sim a major - and quite beautiful - redesign.

Besides the new layout, with a lovely shopping village and plenty of scenic spots, the new place will also see new events, like treasure-hunts - great news!

After setting up my new store there I had a stroll around the sim with my partner Emma.

The Unzipped Mainstore with the new landing-area in the foreground.

Lovely Airship!

From the mainstore our journey lead us to the village on the eastern side of the sim. 

The center of the village is marked by a ring of gothic arches

Oh what a lovely store!

View from the village to the Unzipped mainstore in the north.

A little underwater excursion.

Back on the surface we met the local sea-dragon Tessie, who looks quite happy in its new environment!

As you see, there is a lot to explore and I guess I didn't even scratched the surface yet. The sim is definitely worth taking a look or two ;-)

Unzipped Landing point

Drow Science @Tesla Isle

P.S. Yes, thats a Ms. Marvel outfit I am wearing. I didn't change since our last dance at Raven Park. Putting on so much skin-coloured makeup over my natural drow grey was a hell lot of work btw ;-)

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