5 April 2014

Prometheus WIP, Catznip and SL Go News

Prometheus Class WIP

As regular readers may know, less posts here means lots of activity on other SL-related projects. Well, currently it is exactly one project: Meshing the Prometheus-Class Aircraft carrier. It is likely the most complex mesh I did so far and I'm making good progress on it lately. Of course there is still a lot to do on it - but its certainly going ahead.

I did lots of detail work on it (needless to say the basic layout of the Prim-version, didn't change!) Especially fine-tuning the layout and ensuring the modifications fit well to the overall appearance of the ship. There have been some things which didn't work out as initially planned - but thats part of it: You learn, adapt your plans and find an elegant sollution.

Design-wise the ship will - due to the use of radial engines - slightly tend more into the dieselpunk-direction. Though I'm considering of including a "classical" variant with steam-engines too. Its a pretty adaptable build after all!

Catznip R9 Beta

The next release of the Catznip Second Life Viewer (R9) is now in its beta-status - yay! The Catznip-team is currently looking for beta-tester. So if you are interested and have some beta-testing experience (some OCD is helpful, according to their site), check out their Beta-Test Website.
I switched from Firestorm to Catznip already over a year ago after being disappointed with the low FPS Firestorm has. Catznip is - at least on my PC - significantly faster with the same graphics-settings. I tried the latest Firestorm release a few weeks ago, hoping they would have fixed that issue, but still: the difference in performance was huge.
Catznip R9 will include advanced lighting (the materials-stuff) and fitted mesh. So hopefully no way-too-huge butts anymore. I can't wait till the release!

Catznip Viewer Website


Linden Labs did introduce this new service for mobile devices already in March and the idea is really good: Unlike other mobile clients which calculate the 3D environment on your tablet or phone (with the usual result of rather basic and slow graphics and high power consume) SL Go sends the already pre-caculated graphics in a quality you only would get on a desktop PC.

A real show-stopper however was the ridiculously high fee of 3 US$ per hour (!) Now they reduced the pricing to realistic 9,95 US$ per month. Definitely a step into the right direction.
SL Go is available in the USA and most European countries (notably exception is Germany - for what reason ever).

SL Go Website

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