12 April 2014

Meyonia - The Banana-Republic You Are Going to Love - Part 2

As promised here is part 2 of my journey through the Republic of Meyonia. If you missed the first part, I recommend you to read it up before continuing here - It's worth it!

So, where did we stop? Ah right. Randy picked me up with Taffy boxed up as trailer (wheeled suitcases are so handy!) and we went sightseeing!

Randy's workplace - the local Police Station.

With a outdoor cell for public punishment - no, she is not a sadist!

The memorial for the Vanilla-War. I think it wasn't about icecream though!

Visiting a happy tank-family at the the Meyonian Army Base.

Next to the army base is the restaurant Golden Dragon. Yes, its the asian-style building on the picture above.

From left to right: Taffy (boxed), Oiolossee (latexified), me and Randy (not nude!).

 Delicious! I'm going to post this picture on Facebook :p

I think Taffy was a bit concerned to be put on the menu (meals on wheels!) but he does a much better job as greeter slave actually.

After our dinner we explored the wild part of Meyonia. Its just north across the bridge!

The Meyonia Bridge is the oldest building of the country. I think they built it even before they had roads!

Since the Republic of Meyonia is continuously at odds with its Steampunk-neighbors they have heavily fortified the area.

The border - with the enem... neighbors' headquarter just in sight.

If you like cold-war-chic, you will love it here.

Going offroad. And yes, Taffy is still in the box.

Then we took a quick ride up to some installations in the sky...

...of course with a room-saving transport sollution for him!

The local zombie-town - if you are looking for a messy shoot-out with flying limbs and popping heads!

The Meyonian Ball-Cage field. All you need is a "volunteer" sitting in the cage and 2 player pushing it with cars - great fun!

The way back to the ground we took the helicopter again. There is a teleport available though if you are in a hurry.

We ended our trip at the Shark Fin Bar. Yes, there is a dog sitting in a rocking chair. He is the only male resident of the country!

Oh, and I took a close-up of Oio. Because she is a cutie and she hates it when I call her this way!

Meyonia (almost) in one picture! Click to enlarge. Download and share it!

If you ask me, the way a sim looks tells indeed a lot about the people behind it and Randy and her friend Kim did an awesome job with building Meyonia. It is welcoming, warm and friendly and full of whimsical little details which make you smile (or giggle like silly).

I hope you will enjoy discovering this wonderful little state as much as I did. Here is your tourist visa. There is so much to explore!

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