18 June 2011

My Second Life Bike Tour the 3rd - Part 27

This time my path led me further into the continent of Corsica. Perhaps its just me but I feel it less ban-line-polluted than the huge landmass of Nautilus in the south. Corsica so far offered quite the interesting places and nicely few shops or other buildings which mess up the landscape. Oh and I think I set a new record for the most outfit-changes here too! ;-)

Grimsvotn - why the hell do people mess the nicest places up with targets for shooting?

Jolnir - these breedables-places often look a bit ghastly to me.

Time for changing clothes and doing some biking!

Nice detail btw:- I discovered it just some days ago!

Nigorigawa - a simple but interesting way to build a treehouse.

Dura - Chilling at a quiet spot and watching a cute hedgehog scooting around.

Excellens - hrmmmm... too many controls... and not even a machinegun!

Vaktarin - Hingwae's Hollow. Having a good chat with Hingwae himself. A friendly little prince with quite the insight.

Too bad it was so late as we had this talk. I really enjoyed it. Besided other things Hingwae told me a few things about the Firestorm Viewer - a third party-viewer developed by the Phoenix-Viewer team. The next morning I decided to give it a try too. So... the next pictures you will see are all taken while using Firestorm. Its still in beta status but I didnt crash so far. Yet I had to do some changes to get it running smoothly on my (aging) machine.

Vaktarin - Hingwaes Hollow - just beautiful. I really felt like a discoverer with this setting and outfit ;-)

Now thats a place for me!

A giant... pineapple?

Again little chance to make use of a bike (not speaking of flying) but despite the lack of vehicles it was a pretty interesting and pleasant journey. I followed the coastline where I expected to avoid most banlines (successfully). Next will be finding a road again since my journey is still a bike tour!

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