12 June 2011

My Second Life Bike Tour the 3rd - Part 24

Despite the road did run out pretty quick my today's tour was still a lot of fun and sightseeing and taking pictures. Some pretty appealing places have gathered there. A real delight for the eye!

Omanix - back to the road - right to the place where it becomes a path

A nice beach-side path though!

Needless to mention how I love such sceneries!

another thing called after Road 13 - this time its a club.

And a pretty stylish one!

Bishops Wall - always a good thing to find: a cave again!

Hmmm - some kind of software pirates I assume...

Thats not bad. Of course  for a Drow being underwater can't beat being underground.

Werewoof - preparing taking off with le petit rouge. Destination: way north!
The flight wasn't much pleasant (using the triplane can be seen as rather symbolic even^^) but somehow I made it to the island of Kutze, located in the north-west corner of Nautilus.

Kutze - this doesn't looks too bad for a shopping area, doesnt it?

What lonely poor robot. Perhaps he lost his friend?

Today I made quite the distance. After discovering some of the last blank spots in Nautilus' west, I decided its time to go to the north. My next destination will be the Castle Valerian Info Hub before I head towards the Corsica-continent in the north. It will be the third continent I will have visited on my current bike tour.

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