29 May 2011

Time Standing Still - The Mysteries of Pteron - Part III

Part of Pteron is also a place called "Coma". A spectacular stone structure levitating in endless dark skies and also a real treasure chest:

The mysterious plant is called The essence of the dream.

Next to it you can find another beautiful plant and a light with a nice flicker effect.

If you follow the steps upstairs (or simply fly) you will find a house (due to its design and decoration its likely a temple) and another two lovely souveniers:
The left one of these two artifacts is called God Wand. The glowing plant is a variation of the one you can find at Pteron.

Inside the temple waits another gift: a photo-album!

I already missed this one: Another bedside lamp!

Not really a gift but pretty cool: Halfway between Coma and Pteron lies a small platform with a curious flying machine you can easily find when just jumping down from Coma (of course after getting all gifts there).

Its not the drugs... its Pteron!

After I returned back to the starting portal this elegantly my next destination will be Nostos - in my next entry however :-)

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