29 May 2011

Do we need an Anthem? - Nah!

Well, I know I do silly things when I'm bored (I don't want to get into details here and I hope my notebook - unlike da Vinci's - wont ever get published) but I know where the limits are. Really. Thats important for me and should be important for everyone else: Keep the crap for yourself!
But while innocently (note: I'm always innocent, whatever the judges say!) surfing a Second-Life-related Forum yesterday I found something which not only breaks this unwritten law in social behavior. It rather takes it, rips it apart and stuffs it into your throat:
There are some individuals who actually think Second Life needs an anthem - yuck!

I think you can generally say Second Life is what you make of. Its the absolute space for individuality, for creativity and expressing your own identity in whatever way you like. So why the bloody hell should it need an obsolete 19th century nationalism-relic like an anthem?

Apart from the fact that you most likely wont ever find a tune which all Second Life residents will like and that only a minority every heard of this contest and most likely a even smaller minority has voted for a song at all, I still wonder whats the purpose of all this... well besides the desire of the campaign's initiators to aggrandize themselves of course.

Anyway. I'm glad not seeing an official Linden Labs label there nor finding them in the sponsors list. The spirit of Second Life can hardly be pressed into a few lines of text nor put into a melody at all. That's just as silly as trying to describe yourself this way... you can try it but you will leave inevitably important things out.

So why not just burning the silly idea of an anthem on a stake and do your own thing after it?

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