1 May 2011

My Second Life Bike Tour the 3rd - Part 12

After touching ground at the southern part of Nautilus Major I of course began to look for a road to travel on without ruining too many front gardens.

You will perhaps remember from my last entry that I found out the whole region north of Satori - not only the island where Nautilus City lies - is called Nautilus. So I started to call the small island in the channel between Nautilus and Satori Nautilus Minor ("Little Nautilus").

Qlar Fell - a Castle again!

And it has even a pretty decent interior.

Moonberry - A spectacular example of 'skillful' terraforming.

Oh... more? Quite the castle-inflation here.

One castle at a time is rather interesting. But two and a gothic cathedral are quite the opposite... I turned north and left them behind without taking a closer look.

Yimmu - the house on the table. Somehow its cute!

Wunb - back to the road. Number 14 this time!

Gonkbrunk - Death Mole's Curve. And its even a rezz-zone. Seems the ride will be as luxurious as at Satori!

Knaptrackicon - this time flying with my bike!
Alas the idea of exploring that island close to the eastern cost of nautilus turned quickly out to be a rather annoying experience...

Today I continued my tour at Nautilus Major from Twice Bitten northwards till I found Road 14. When crossing the sea at Slapdoogle I quickly found out the sims on the other side were protected by rather annoying security orbs, which I marked with a very unhappy smiley. At Fanghammer however everything seems explorable again!

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