29 April 2011

My Second Life Bike Tour the 3rd - Part 11

Today suddenly the land ran out! Of course I gladly took this chance to do some flying again. After taking a closer look at the harbor though - which is really a great piece of Second Life construcion. A pretty naturalistic one too with only a very little amount of glowing crystals (what I noticed gladly).
I also found out that Nautilus is not only the name of this little island north of Satori, its the name of the huge continent in the north too.

Nautilus - Shalim - Found it: the Harbor!

Interesting detail - no-one around though, Obviously the Nautilean worker take it rather easy.

de Grasse - huge statues guarding the entrance to the harbor. Oh, and the giant horn actually makes sounds when clicked!

Nautilus - Sicorathi - beautiful ruins. I wonder if Nautilus' downfall begins here...

Nautilus - Sicorathi - having a conversation with one of the locals.

Nautilus - Shalim - Tsubaki Club - not quite fitting to the overall style but nevertheless pretty cool looking.

Nautilus - Shalim - it looks even better inside!

Nautilus - Bynuthi - the Western Cape.

Nautilus - Shalim - after some searching I found a place to rezz (private property, but don't tell anyone) for starting my journey to the atolls west of Nautilus.

Overtaking a motor yacht.
While circling around it I had a nice chat with one of yacht's passengers Mara Inkpen. Her name did ring some bell and after finding out shes an explorer too I'm sure we seen before at the Blake Sea-Area. And she has grey skin too (but alien descent) - how cool!

After the yacht crashed at a sim-border - without my involvement of course - I decided to land at Tromp - a nearby atoll for meeting...

...the air police -dang!

Luckily my first impression was wrong and the pilot - Susan Paquot - turned out to be another explorer too and was in no way interested in my record - phew!

Nimitz - Bingo Strait (yes, thats really the name of that place) - watching an experiment with low-emission sea-transportation. North of here are the sims "Twice Bitten" and "Horrorbag" of "Nautilus major" as I decided to call the continent north of Nautilus City itself.

The Coast!

Pretty confusing today, huh?
Ok.. today's route seems a bit complex but I will try my best to explain it: The red circle in the eastern part of the map is where I started. I went north along the harbor and till I reached the harbors lighthouse. Then I turned south towards the Western Cape. After this my hunt for a place I can rezz led me back to Shalim. Then the ride went pretty smooth and straight to the west where I touched mainland ground again at Twice Bitten.

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