4 April 2011

My Second Life Bike Tour the 3rd - Part 1

Surprise surprise! Obviously my break from touring didn't lasted long. That huge landmass Satori simply was too teasing to ignore it any longer. And so far I didn't got disappointed. Thanks to plenty of rezz-zones and a nice straight road the ride was quite comfortable. Well... besides a bridge which... well... best you see by yourself...

This time I even made some considerations about the route before I started. Believe me - thats quite an amount of organization for me!

But now let's show you some pictures. My journey started deep in the south at the Sim Bagheera.

Bagheera - ready for the next tour! Its the continent "Satori" this time

Sutekh - Dark Prince Club: Visitors seem to be welcome here.

Outside the club is a pretty skillful aggregations of stones. Let's see whats inside...

Surprisingly the interior totally fits to its outer appearance.

Me and the Dark Prince's rubber duck.

Not far away from the cathedr... club there is a crypt too. The books on the shelf contain H.P. Lovecraft's collected works. Well despite being an author of short novels mainly in real life they do take a little more room.

If it has to be the sky - why not live in an airship instead of a levitating house? It would look way less ridiculous this way.

Xoanon - just in case you wonder why I am wearing welding goggles today (and its pretty stylish too of course).

Dinah - Cafe MobilGas: The holes in the sign are not from bullets - at least not from mine...

One of those crashed somewhere near my home some weeks ago. I think it still didn't got auto-returned and still pollutes the Sim with its carbon...prim-particles.

Davros - what - already now? I have hardly crossed 4 Sims yet!

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