25 April 2011

My Second Life Bike Tour the 3rd - Part 8

With arriving at Nautilus last time I had no idea what will await me. Endless miles of stores again? Or a banline filled mess like offroad in east Sansara? It was neither the one nor the other. Nautilus turned out to be a quite beautiful island.

Btw: I've made an important change to my Blog. The captions now contain the SLurl to bring you directly to the place where the picture has been taken which should make it more easy to follow my explorations.
Im also considering to update my older posts with them. This wont be completed over night though ;-)
But now back to the current Tour;

Departing from the dolphin-tower at Byth you can see in the background I used the nearby seafront for advancing further westwards towards the islands capitol. There was a road on the northern side of the channel but the route on this side looked more promising...

Symacom - biking again.

A Ganesha temple. Too bad its main protagonist is just a texture while the decorating animals around him were pretty accurate sculpts.

Seems someone is is getting ready for easter holidays here.

After a Hindu temple a nearby church seems just fair.

Its not heresy - its a lack of rezz-zones which prevent me from parking my bike outside!

Quite an appealing view. Too bad it has no propeller...

Giant chess-boards seem to be pretty popular in Second Life - well, not as popular as lighthouses, castles or airships maybe. They look really good even if this one was purely decorative btw. and not playable.

 Kothar - Needless to mention I always preferred the black ones. Nice park here btw.

Kothar - Dolphins again. Its quite obvious now that Nautilus is a reminiscence of the legendary Atlantis

Reaching Yankh I decided to have a short trip to the northern side of the channel after I spotted some interesting sights there.

Yarikh - Nice gadget: The sun dial shows the current Second Life-time as hovertext. I have no idea what that black horse is supposed to do here though.

 Definite traces of an Atlantis-reference indeed.

Quite the palace - and a welcome change from the more or less well done gothic castles you usually see.

Are you looking for trouble or what?

Inside the palace was much more relaxed than its mascot in the garden indicated. A really nice place to stay.

 Thats rather inviting isn't it?

Playing on a "Model Chopin". Interestingly the menu contains some Metallics too. The Map above shows the location of rezz-zones. I can't confirm the one in the upper right corner though.

Baal - and back on the southern side of the channel: My advancement this time was rather slow: The photo opportunities are just too good too miss!

Melgart - Behold! The gates of Atlan... Nautilus! (And an obviously stuck airplane too!)

They are even clickable!

The Capitol of Nautilus turned out being pretty impressive. However after scaling up the draw distance up to 800 meters in order to get a clear view on the city in its full glory my faithful computer reached its performance limits (and excelled it to quite a degree). I was lucky not to crash as happened before on such occasions.

Despite the monumental architecture the megaprim seems to be unknown to the ancient Nautilean as the stones the walls of the channel consists of are in fact masoned with single prims!

Downtown Nautilus City lies yet another palace - and surely several more in the neighborhood.

This seems to be a throne room.

Despite their megalomaniac architecture the Nautileans seemed to be quite normal people...

Nautilus is really one of the more spectacular parts of the mainland. My path today lead me from Byth in the far east of the island to Himilco in the heart of its Capitol. I am sure there is still a lot of things waiting to be discovered.

Back to straight lines instead of vague dots. The seaside was quite decent to use as road even if sim-crossings and other obstacles make it likely to fall into the water from time to time. Unlike Satori Nautilus also lacks of rezz zones which makes the journey a bit more difficult than on its southern neighbor. But the very nice conception of the island outweigh this minor flaw.

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