9 April 2011

Time Standing Still - The Mysteries of Pteron - Part I

On our restless explorations through the most remote regions of space the Drow Space Exploration Society recently discovered one of the most fascinating yet mysterious places ever seen.
The strange city of Pteron.
A site where time seems to stand still Where an ancient civilization has left cryptic leftovers of their former present. Or are they still there? Perhaps just moved to another dimension but still around our daring explorers?
We will perhaps never find out. But we can look at the astonishing site they have left for us to discover:

Strange lights at the sky welcome our daring explorer when arriving Pteron.

I'm getting some intriguing energy signatures from this... "Object".

At least something about the creators of Pteron is certain: they have taste!

Take care what to touch at Pteron. You may get teleported somewhere...

...but you will also discover even more fascinating things there.

An attentive observer may have noticed the ears added to this space helmet - a sign of genuine Drow-engineering.

A religious symbol? A piece of art? Or some kind of transmission device?

Of course I took samples of these plants. They grow well in a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere like planet Earth has.


  1. Cute space-suit.

  2. In case you were wondering what and who is behind [pteron], here you are...

    [pteron]: A beautifully-made region with an unsavoury background

    Someone went out of their way and did some actual reporting on that place instead of merely admiring it for its admittedly beautiful architecture.