20 February 2015

Starting Today: The SciFi Convention 2015!

This is an event I was really looking for! Last year's convention was very enjoyable and I had lots of fun strolling around the exhibition grounds.

The Convention goes from February 20 to March 1st and offers a lot of events and exhibits. Check out their official blog for more info!

Oooh! What is this? Do we have built a new Zeppelin? Yes I have!

The Convention is also a good opportunity to introduce you to my latest release as centerpiece of the Drow Science exhibit: The Zephy-Class Zeppelin!
A luxurious air-liner in the spirit of the golden age of airships. Oh by the way: to prevent a rather unpleasant Hindenburg-style landing, I use helium instead of the highly inflammable hydrogen.

The ship fits quite well with this year's space-resort-theme and I ensure you that the Zephyr's pressure cabin works well in extraterrestrial atmospheres too!

You are very welcome to visit us at the convention! Here some impressions of my parcel this year.


Sci-Fi Convention Blog

Drow Science Exhibit

See you there! Have a wonderful time!

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