30 January 2016

In A Pub in Tether's End...

Strolling through SL often leads to meeting talented and interesting people - thats one of the things I really like it for. Like today at Tether's End, when I met Mellow - a bloody good photographer. It's definitely worth to check out her flickr page!

23 January 2016

Games you really need to know about

Little Inferno

My friend Oiolosse is an avid gamer - and one with a good taste too. Its not only high-profile titles she is writing about, often the rather unknown indie titles are the most interesting really.

7 January 2016

Introducing: The New Drow Science Blog!

When I started writing my Drow Diary back in 2011, it was purely a personal Blog about my adventures (some call them shenanigans) in Second Life, like my bike-tours, Blake-Sea-flights and some evil adult fun. It all was and still is great fun and brought me loads of positive feedback! 

Over the years though the focus of the Drow Diary shifted more and more towards my activities as builder and shop-owner, while I also kept posting more personal content. To cut the story short here: The content-situation became a bit messy!

The new year is a fine opportunity to clean this mess up a little by creating a new Blog, called Drow Science, exclusively for my steampunk- and building activities. That should make it much easier for visitors to navigate and to find much faster what they are looking for.

Goes without saying that I keep The Drow Diary too. For more personal posts and things which don't really have much to do with Drow Science.

I wish you a fantastic 2016 and see you at the new Drow Science Blog!