25 November 2013

Veronica Vinyl - Art of The Extreme - Available Now!

You might remember my preview a few weeks ago about the cool pieces of fetish art my friend Veronica is releasing. The first two pieces are now available on the Marketplace - more will be released in the coming days :-)

"Mistress Alexia"

Glamour meets pain – that's the world of award-winning, internationally renowned fetish artist Veronica Vinyl.
Her art features both real-life Mistresses in all their iconic brilliance as well as pieces of weird fetish imagination.

"I catch fetishes like other people catch colds. A churning maelstrom of emotions and opinions and ideas that war constantly for my attention.
I am wracked with desires, evil and forbidden, depraved and debauched. All seeking expression.
Yes, I plunge headfirst into the reality of private dungeons and fetish clubs. Yes, I partake of forbidden fruit, and let the whip fall where it may.
I feel the ropes, taste the gag, lick the sweat, and moan in pain and delight, lost in the matte blackness of the blindfold.
Yes, I revel in my humiliation. I wallow in my narcissistic pleasure and swim in my agony.
I am corrupt, decadent, and depraved... but I think a quick gander at my work will tell you all that."

"Dark Masque"

Yes - I'd say she is right.

The Art of Veronica Vinyl is exclusively available at her SL Marketplace store!

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