9 November 2013

Yay! Clear Roads!

I just read on this informative German blog that the annoying self-driving vehicles by AnnMarie Otoole, which lagged their way through SL for years are gone now!

If LL removed the vehicles or if she did take them by herself isn't quite clear. Fact is there has been a quite heated discussion about her vehicles for a while now. Things came to a head when the self-replicating vehicle rezzers she put on main land parcels where disabled by LL.

They were a common sight on mainland: Pretty laggy, quite dated looking and their AI behaving not too smart when unexpected things occured (everything else than a straight road for example), which made them going offroad and/or get stuck. Sometimes in odd situations like jumping up an down or continuously bumping against a building ;-)

And I just stopped for a photo opportunity :p

I actually began to hate them when doing my bike tours. You could reliably tell if one of these things was around because driving became notably laggier all sudden. Sim-crossings with them around was likely leading to crashes or at least a huge rubber band effect.
Also its just not nice to ride peacefully on the linden-roads just to be pushed off the track by a huge, prim-itive eyesore of a tank :p

Well, it seems that story is over by now and I hope the roads stay free of these lag-beasts by now

Eye-to-eye with the lag-monster!

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