4 November 2013

New Product Releases: Mini Kestrel & Orrery Lamp!

After something to sit in and fly and look cool its something to put in your place and make it look (more) awesome!

First item is the miniature-version of the Kestrel. A only 3-prim slim little deco airplane and high priority target of excessive zooming actions - yes it's a 100% correct model of the big one!

Honey, I shrunk the... plane!

Oh and before I forget: the Mini is currently the Drow-Science-group gift (available in the notices) - but don't tell anyone ;-)

The next item is a decorative and animated Orrery Ceiling Lamp. Watching it is at least as addictive as watching a Lava Lamp - I can tell you!

The Orrery Ceiling Lamp - a lovely change from the usual chandeliers you find in the average steampunkish-place!

You can find these (and many more) items at your usual dealer of Drow coolness:

On the Marketplace


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