29 November 2013

Who's The Doc?

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the british cult sci-fi series Dr. Who, I sat down and did some prim-knitting:

Some Drow Time Lady!

This lovely doctor's scarf is not only a very fashionable accessory, its also time-travel proof up to 500,000 years (relatively, of course) without shrinking or multidimensional wrinkling!

Of course its pure coincidence that there is also a Dr. Who-themed dance this Saturday at Z&A. Totally ;-)

You can grab the scarf for free at the Drow Science Mainstore or as group gift - have fun!

25 November 2013

Veronica Vinyl - Art of The Extreme - Available Now!

You might remember my preview a few weeks ago about the cool pieces of fetish art my friend Veronica is releasing. The first two pieces are now available on the Marketplace - more will be released in the coming days :-)

"Mistress Alexia"

Glamour meets pain – that's the world of award-winning, internationally renowned fetish artist Veronica Vinyl.
Her art features both real-life Mistresses in all their iconic brilliance as well as pieces of weird fetish imagination.

"I catch fetishes like other people catch colds. A churning maelstrom of emotions and opinions and ideas that war constantly for my attention.
I am wracked with desires, evil and forbidden, depraved and debauched. All seeking expression.
Yes, I plunge headfirst into the reality of private dungeons and fetish clubs. Yes, I partake of forbidden fruit, and let the whip fall where it may.
I feel the ropes, taste the gag, lick the sweat, and moan in pain and delight, lost in the matte blackness of the blindfold.
Yes, I revel in my humiliation. I wallow in my narcissistic pleasure and swim in my agony.
I am corrupt, decadent, and depraved... but I think a quick gander at my work will tell you all that."

"Dark Masque"

Yes - I'd say she is right.

The Art of Veronica Vinyl is exclusively available at her SL Marketplace store!

22 November 2013

If You Ever Wondered How I Make All The Cool Stuff...

...of course I render it all with my Steampunk Laptop!

Soon available at both my Marketplace- or inworld-stores!

16 November 2013

Amazing 3D Scans of Museum Pieces!

While browsing through my bookmarks I discovered an article to a fantastic new project by the Smithonian Institute (which has the short and sexy url www.si.edu): They offer high quality 3D scans of their museum exhibits on their site - and you can even view them in your browser!

Besides several fossils and objects of historic significance (see above) there is also a scan of the Liang Bua Cave, where a new species of cavemen was found in 2003 - wow!

You can also pretty easily change rendering properties like colours, lightsources and reflection, as you can see on this happily metallic shining mammoth ;-)

Of course I have to call this "Heavy Metal", love me for this or not! :p

Its pretty mindblowing, isn't it? So far their collection isn't huge (just consider the amount of work put in each model!), but its very impressive already and a glance on what will be possible in the not-so-far future.

Oh and all models are available as wavefront (*.obj) files for download too. Of course only for personal, non-commercial use. Contrary to the models you can access via your browser however, the files are pretty huge and its quite impossible to do anything with them without high-end equipment: the Wright Flyer model is almost 700 MB large and consists of about 6 million (!) verticles (= the "dots" a 3D model is made of), so I guess the resolution is very close to the raw data from the scan.

Now stop wasting time here and see for yourself! Its so cool ;-)

13 November 2013

Holy Pixel!

There are just a few days left till the 6th Machinima-Expo starts - November 17, to be precise - and I am happy to inform you that Veronica Vinyl is taking part there with her short film "The Nail"!

Title picture The Nail

The Expo - in its former incarnations located in SL - will be held from 10 am to 4 PM pacific time (handy to know that this is the SL-time too) live on stream. For a schedule, follow this link.

Veronica's film - completely shot in SL of course (with notable addition of some cool-drawn artwork) - features an old legend where a Gypsy steals one of the nails made to crucify Jesus Christ from the Romans and gains eternal (first-) life. Being a short film its just a glance on an epic story spanning over 2000 years from its beginnings in ancient Jerusalem to the horrors of nazi concentration camps.
You can watch the film as part of the Screening Reel 7 (2nd film!).

9 November 2013

Yay! Clear Roads!

I just read on this informative German blog that the annoying self-driving vehicles by AnnMarie Otoole, which lagged their way through SL for years are gone now!

If LL removed the vehicles or if she did take them by herself isn't quite clear. Fact is there has been a quite heated discussion about her vehicles for a while now. Things came to a head when the self-replicating vehicle rezzers she put on main land parcels where disabled by LL.

They were a common sight on mainland: Pretty laggy, quite dated looking and their AI behaving not too smart when unexpected things occured (everything else than a straight road for example), which made them going offroad and/or get stuck. Sometimes in odd situations like jumping up an down or continuously bumping against a building ;-)

And I just stopped for a photo opportunity :p

I actually began to hate them when doing my bike tours. You could reliably tell if one of these things was around because driving became notably laggier all sudden. Sim-crossings with them around was likely leading to crashes or at least a huge rubber band effect.
Also its just not nice to ride peacefully on the linden-roads just to be pushed off the track by a huge, prim-itive eyesore of a tank :p

Well, it seems that story is over by now and I hope the roads stay free of these lag-beasts by now

Eye-to-eye with the lag-monster!

4 November 2013

New Product Releases: Mini Kestrel & Orrery Lamp!

After something to sit in and fly and look cool its something to put in your place and make it look (more) awesome!

First item is the miniature-version of the Kestrel. A only 3-prim slim little deco airplane and high priority target of excessive zooming actions - yes it's a 100% correct model of the big one!

Honey, I shrunk the... plane!

Oh and before I forget: the Mini is currently the Drow-Science-group gift (available in the notices) - but don't tell anyone ;-)

The next item is a decorative and animated Orrery Ceiling Lamp. Watching it is at least as addictive as watching a Lava Lamp - I can tell you!

The Orrery Ceiling Lamp - a lovely change from the usual chandeliers you find in the average steampunkish-place!

You can find these (and many more) items at your usual dealer of Drow coolness:

On the Marketplace