31 March 2011

Second Life Bike Tour - Reloaded! XIII

Back to old grounds this time. After departing from Abbotts Aerodrome I headed back towards Bay City - there are still some blank spots left there... and it gives me some time to think about new explorations - perhaps a new continent, or some flying at Blake Sea - lets see. But back to my bike tour for now.

My today's route began with heading through the Cordova Sandbox and then to the north through some vehicle zones till I got back to the road at Dore:

Sandbox Cordova - quite typical, isn't it?

Kapor - home of "Project Kapor Rosedale". I dont know what this project is about but obviously it includes easter eggs...

This Sim is called "Brilliant" - obviously the weather can't be meant.

Speeding at Bethel! After extreme offroading with banlines, tasteless terraforming challenges and annoying security orbs this vehicle Sandbox felt like holiday!

Gibson - Home of Nexus Prime - a lovely utopia

Gibson - thats how I imagine a socialistic future. They have even a "proletarian with rifle"-statue here!

Oak Grove - unique rock formations here.

Back to Dore - and they still haven't extended the road!

When you crank up the draw distance a whole new world opens before your eyes. Of course a futuristic one agian!

Miaramare - obviously a pier in progress.

This must be the place of some "DalaiLlama Resident"-guy

Miramare - it's better to fly not too low at urban sims.

Straits of Shermerville - that's how a massive Sim-lag looks!

Straits of Shermerville - quite a bridge. But the construction office obviously overestimated the traffic drastically...

It looks a bit like a giant dinosaur doesn't it?

As always the dotted line marks the offroad parts of my journey - well except the 8-shaped test-track at Georgean which is pretty decent to ride on. As you can see I reached the outskirts of Bay City and am close to enter one of the rather "posh" quarters of the City: Shermerville.

30 March 2011

Speed Trap - Appendix

Regular followers of my Blog perhaps remember the radar trap at Bowfin I visited at part 6 of my Bike Tour. The 135 KpH I did with my chopper weren't too bad at all. But the record speed of 169 KpH did still tease me...
So today I came back. Determined to break that record. And equipped with a real beast: My Little Red car!
Well, to make a long story short:

[17:53] YD Speed Camera:
Little Red Car,
Owned by Somehow Peccable
176.078445 KpH
Fine L$146
[17:53] YD Speed Camera: New record speed!

Please kids: don't try this at home.

Me and my Little Red Car winning the Radar Trap Grand Prix of Bowfin.

29 March 2011

Second Life Bike Tour - Reloaded! XII

Chamonix City seems to be Second Life's biggest winter sports place. It covers five Sims but was quite empty as I visited it. Perhaps at the tournaments this place is packed.

Blending into a crowd of locals - can you find me?

Bah - only sports on TV!

Cross Check - an ice-hockey stadium. Interestingly the actual play-area is located behind a Simborder. It seems to be a measure to avoid lag.

Making some donuts.

Enjoying the view at the still and cozy Chamonix City.

Drow style skating!

Now thats a place for me.

Cute - a family!

Jiminy . interesting mixture between a rather common house and a nuclear submarine.

Eldora - ok, he looks a bit mean but somehow hes cute too!

Eldora - traces of an ancient civilization. And some not-so-ancient traces of cage spamming.

Eldora - eyes watching me. Or are they just my - or somebody else - imagination???

Europa - seems there was quite a snowslide here.

Europa - yeah! Thats what Drow like: a way underground!

The view from the opposite direction.

Europa - I don't think its meant as seaplane...

Montara - you may have already guessed there no safety regulations for road construction in Second Life.

A stylish diner at Bolinas.

You should try it - milkshake with mustard.

Discussing the meaning of a piece of art. Oh btw: it has a windmill on top - I just didn't got it on the picture!

Abbotts Aerodrome - quite the stylish runway.

Todays tour: it seems I have explored most of Sansara's roads. I am pretty amazed how long my journey was so far. I really didn't expected it as beeing so much! I can really recommend to explore Second Life's roads. You will see things this way you wont have seen by teleporting around. And I'm sure there still many undiscovered, yet fascinating spots left!

Second Life Bike Tour - Reloaded! XI

Starting from the Isabel Infohub I wondered what this other assembly of Avatars was which I saw on the Map. I quickly found out that it was a place called "The Shelter". The rather unspectacular brick-facade doesn't betrays that its a pretty decent dance club with nice and chatty people. The owner skillfully placed the club right in the middle of the Sim so that a constant stream of newcomers is provided. Not a bad idea and it seems to work: The place exists already since 2004!

"The Shelter" at Isabel - finding a great substitute for my bike!

They also offer Balloon rides around the great lake here. A several Sims long journey.

Marmara - too bad I crashed shortly after taking this picture. It wasn't the Balloons fault I guess. My connection simply seemed to make problems.

After resetting my connection the continuing of my tour went pretty smooth. I made quite the miles westward again with no special incidents - well besides of picking up a friend for a ride. After this things went be a bit jerky at sim-crossings but we hat our fun!

Minarlo - stopping for another hitchhiker. He told us he's waiting for the icecream truck however.

Loon - taking a seat behind Professor Kaos desk. Btw: my friend told me she felt like in trouble in this scene. I must have stirred up some memories.

The classical burtonesk (or -esque?) treehouse the Professor lives in.

Auschnar Run - wow - that was close!

Braggiani - crossing the bridge to Chamonix City: quite representative, huh?

Off Sides - ALL kinks! How great! Oh wait... dang...

Bungee Jumping! - A snowman wants his fun too after all

Some meters below: despite not being a friend of quick diagnosis: "Hes dead, Jim."

A no-fly zone - how to get up there again?

There are always ways to fly!

Neutral Zone - Chamonix City I assume. Regarding to the Sim's name I'm tempted to put on my Star Trek uniform.

That's something I could get used to.

Today's route led me trought the snowy heart of Sansara again. In the lower left corner you can find Auschnar Run, where I almost fell off the road. Thanks to LL for setting up absolutely NO warning signs. Seems they want to keep the drivers "entertained"...