29 March 2011

Second Life Bike Tour - Reloaded! XI

Starting from the Isabel Infohub I wondered what this other assembly of Avatars was which I saw on the Map. I quickly found out that it was a place called "The Shelter". The rather unspectacular brick-facade doesn't betrays that its a pretty decent dance club with nice and chatty people. The owner skillfully placed the club right in the middle of the Sim so that a constant stream of newcomers is provided. Not a bad idea and it seems to work: The place exists already since 2004!

"The Shelter" at Isabel - finding a great substitute for my bike!

They also offer Balloon rides around the great lake here. A several Sims long journey.

Marmara - too bad I crashed shortly after taking this picture. It wasn't the Balloons fault I guess. My connection simply seemed to make problems.

After resetting my connection the continuing of my tour went pretty smooth. I made quite the miles westward again with no special incidents - well besides of picking up a friend for a ride. After this things went be a bit jerky at sim-crossings but we hat our fun!

Minarlo - stopping for another hitchhiker. He told us he's waiting for the icecream truck however.

Loon - taking a seat behind Professor Kaos desk. Btw: my friend told me she felt like in trouble in this scene. I must have stirred up some memories.

The classical burtonesk (or -esque?) treehouse the Professor lives in.

Auschnar Run - wow - that was close!

Braggiani - crossing the bridge to Chamonix City: quite representative, huh?

Off Sides - ALL kinks! How great! Oh wait... dang...

Bungee Jumping! - A snowman wants his fun too after all

Some meters below: despite not being a friend of quick diagnosis: "Hes dead, Jim."

A no-fly zone - how to get up there again?

There are always ways to fly!

Neutral Zone - Chamonix City I assume. Regarding to the Sim's name I'm tempted to put on my Star Trek uniform.

That's something I could get used to.

Today's route led me trought the snowy heart of Sansara again. In the lower left corner you can find Auschnar Run, where I almost fell off the road. Thanks to LL for setting up absolutely NO warning signs. Seems they want to keep the drivers "entertained"...

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  1. I'm glad you liked the Shelter. I can add that it's listed on the Showcase, and is a good place for new residents especially, since we have a few events where they can win a few Lindens to get them started. ^_^ [end advertising]

    Oh and kudos on the pics in your blog, they look great! :)