24 March 2011

Second Life Bike Tour - Reloaded! VI

Not far away from the Bridge of Lag lies a church. Since visting churches is mandatory when doing sight-seeing I dared a peek in it.

At the entrance a short conversation between me and a candle did occur:

Candle: "Welcome to "The Pit" Somehow Peccable. Say a short Payer in Chat"
Me: "amen"
Candle: "Prayer sent .. this candle will burn for 24 hours"

Quite efficient, hm?

Sugarloaf -as expected the AI of the average candle isn't too sophisticated

To say something positive: I like the wall texture here.

By the way: despite rezzing was allowed at that bike-shop only 18 prims were left there - way too less for such a cool chopper as mine... (Second) Life isnt fair!
Again I had to walk (and fly) my way. Along the road through Isabel lies the local Infohub:

Isabel Infohub - quite the SL-standard  

Cavanaugh - one of the rare occasions I've met some traffic - scripted one though

Fourmile Castle - now thats a cute detail!

One of the rare furnished rooms. The fireplace looks a bit like Pacman...

Standing stones outside of the castle

Not quite the ideal dungeon - this earns barely one out of five handcuffs...

Seems the annual contest for the most ugliest chair of Second Life has found a winner!

First it lags like hell and then I crash at the first attempt taking a screenshot of this - the sacrifices I do for a good picture...

Ironjaw - it wasnt me! It seems to be already fossilized and as you can clearly see I use a totally different profile too!

/me thinks something about boys and their toys and phallic symbolism again.

Hartwick - now where to? *throws a coin, sees it rolling into the drain and decides to head north*

Sutherland - another biker!

And quite the place he has - nice!

Pimushe - time for a drink

Some beers later: "...yeah'n' then this bloody bridge just broke down - I tell yah!"

What? No Strat???

Bowfin - don't drink and drive or funny things can happen. Like meeting a giant racing snail...

Nice - a radar trap competition! 135 kph - not bad. Where can I get my prize?

Owasco - another spooky ol' manor - well somewhere behind these trees...

Somehow my progress doesn't looks like much today. Ok Fourmile Castle took some time to explore...

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