31 March 2011

Second Life Bike Tour - Reloaded! XIII

Back to old grounds this time. After departing from Abbotts Aerodrome I headed back towards Bay City - there are still some blank spots left there... and it gives me some time to think about new explorations - perhaps a new continent, or some flying at Blake Sea - lets see. But back to my bike tour for now.

My today's route began with heading through the Cordova Sandbox and then to the north through some vehicle zones till I got back to the road at Dore:

Sandbox Cordova - quite typical, isn't it?

Kapor - home of "Project Kapor Rosedale". I dont know what this project is about but obviously it includes easter eggs...

This Sim is called "Brilliant" - obviously the weather can't be meant.

Speeding at Bethel! After extreme offroading with banlines, tasteless terraforming challenges and annoying security orbs this vehicle Sandbox felt like holiday!

Gibson - Home of Nexus Prime - a lovely utopia

Gibson - thats how I imagine a socialistic future. They have even a "proletarian with rifle"-statue here!

Oak Grove - unique rock formations here.

Back to Dore - and they still haven't extended the road!

When you crank up the draw distance a whole new world opens before your eyes. Of course a futuristic one agian!

Miaramare - obviously a pier in progress.

This must be the place of some "DalaiLlama Resident"-guy

Miramare - it's better to fly not too low at urban sims.

Straits of Shermerville - that's how a massive Sim-lag looks!

Straits of Shermerville - quite a bridge. But the construction office obviously overestimated the traffic drastically...

It looks a bit like a giant dinosaur doesn't it?

As always the dotted line marks the offroad parts of my journey - well except the 8-shaped test-track at Georgean which is pretty decent to ride on. As you can see I reached the outskirts of Bay City and am close to enter one of the rather "posh" quarters of the City: Shermerville.

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