25 March 2011

Second Life Bike Tour - Reloaded! VIII

Besides a suspicious tree-house-accumulation Hardknott luckily had some nicer sides too. For example a stylish Tiki-Bar! However the tropical setting shouldn't last long: my path led again into more alpine regions. Good I warmed myself up with some nice sunbathing before.

Yeah! Cocktail time!

Chillout - these cocktails kick in!

Selby - riding with the devil!

Suisun - Now that's a comfy rezz-zone!

Getting orientated...

...and checking out prospective biking-challenges.

Cute! Somehow I instantly liked that car.

Above that luxury rezz-zone is also an airport located. Something I of course had to check out:

Hugsy Penguin Skyport (yes, that's really its name!): You are hard to ignore with this one...

Watch your step! The airport consists of several platforms connected by bridges

Chillout Part II


Hmmmm... tempting - too bad the actual shot wasn't really a good photo-opportunity.

Like a pix... bird!

Quentin (near Cairo?) - I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere...

Samoa - approaching a suspicious tent - if its... his?

Hmmm... empty - what a pity...

Back to Whiskey - but this time turning right.

Steamboat - a kitten!

Discovering strange spheres.

Of course there has to be a meditation place.

Arlberg - Cute machine!

Kitzbuhel -whiteout! Btw: the snowy roads are actually more slippy than the normal ones.

Going skiing at Wengen

Toggenburg - massive whiteout!

Wengen Train Station - no thanks. Not this time!

Benham - the oddities you find in other peoples living rooms.


Planet Earth as seen from the Second Life Grid

My route today showed me quite the range of different climate zones and interesting spots. The skiing was quite the fun. Same for the leisure park-atmosphere of the Penguin-Skyport. Both lovely ideas!

Quite the route today. The south east is coming next...

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