22 March 2011

Second Life Bike Tour - Reloaded! IV

It seems Kane was an excellent idea for continuing my ride: Miles over miles of highway - and a nice tropical setting too!

The giant golf ball of Hiaka

Olopue - what seems to be a giant flesh eating plant can be used a pretty comfortable pillow.

Mokualii - Now thats worth a picture - and even 500+ prims free - awesome!

Ebisu - Not Hogwarts - but East Wind College.

This seems to be the geography class - I better take notes.

Outside of Hogw... East Wind College: Quite the action going on.

Still at Ebisu - a beautiful little waterfall right underneath the highway.

Shaka - this looks familiar. And I somehow like its colors!

Not bad but the flames look better on my plane.

Nice blinking - but where is my coke??

Ebisu - heading north (left)! Another empty castle ahead btw.

Views you only see in SL - sleeping newbie flying!

Exploring a roadside labyrinth the easy way.

An assortment of weird but pretty cute things at Butsu.

Butsu - watching a bus jumping off some invisible road blockade.

Hrmmmm - I smell woodelves!

I was here before... Inspire Space Drive in Movie and Diner

Fujin - The End???

The map says the road goes on beyond this spot - this bridge just craves for a stunt!

 i made it - and I even almost hit the road!

Tenijin - another rather harsh ending - this time a jump didn't seemed too promising.

Back to the junction at Ebisu. Btw: being in SL means you learn to ignore parts of buildings hanging in the sky...

Benten - a haunted manor - and rezzing is allowed too! Perfect for having a break!

If they say so...

Inside its not too spooky - rather corny. The seats contain deformer scripts but the sofa in the kitchen has a button to remove them. Just an average spooky manor like many...

For the record - today's expedition route.

To be continued...

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