17 March 2011

Me any My Airplanes I

It is indeed possible to spend a lot of time In Second Life without actually ever getting in touch with building. Well, at least for me.^^ It wasn’t until summer 2009 when this changed. By accident I found a DIY-Airplane-Kit by Cubey Terra – complete with pre-made parts, scripts and decent textures. A very good friend also helped me a lot with showing me some builders-secrets and with general encouraging.

Of course I didn’t stayed with the standard configuration and I started quickly making my own version. I had no idea it was the beginning of a very inspiring journey for me…

Me and my first plane after i did a major overhaul to it this year. I simply wasn't happy with the original version anymore. Now it looks much more believable and wonderfully vintage. And it even has a rotating propeller now! :-)

Once i smell blood im hard to stop. After the successful attempt in building my first plane more followed quickly. And of course each if them had to be something rather "different" ;-)

Second Life had always something safari-like to me. There are so many things to explore. So much to see and enjoy. And since I like old-fashioned styles its no wonder that my inspiration led me eventually to this one:

Ready for safari! Time to shoot some noobs... uhmmm.. never mind...

The next project was a real classic and quite the challenge for me to build. A Fokker Triplane from World War One - the plane the Red Baron did fly (yes, I'm a fan of these old crates^^)
After the main design was set it took quite some time to get it right finally. More realistic textures are one thing. but all the little details you usually only notice at the 2nd or 5th look do the difference - yet they need a lot of work to get them right.

Before and after - the first picture shows some potential already... but it simply wasn't close enough...

One of the earliest version of the Triplane. Well, it's a start.

After getting better it was time to work on the triplane more too. The differences may look subtle but finally it feels right:

The current version. And it has even the rectangular fuselage like the real one!

Hard to tell the difference hm? (Hint: mine looks better^^)

To be continued...

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