24 December 2011

The Great And Seedy Zindra Bike Tour - Part 6

I hope you had a nice Christmas. As you might imagine Drows don't celebrate Christian holidays (Its just inappropriate for a fairy creature for obvious reasons). Nevertheless I have a liking for sweets, good food and nice things to unwrap.

Anyway. After some Christmas-related laziness its time to go on with my (still not bike-)tour.

Whore Street isn't that different from Slut Alley - not really surprising.

I had a pretty interesting conversation with one of the regulars there. According to her its not always and exclusively about sex at these places. Sometimes the visitors just search for somebody to talk with; seeking companionship rather than just copulating pixels. Another aspect - I think - which reflects 1st Life in SL.
But don't get a false idea. Of course these places are very explicit and adult-rated for a reason.

Not far away from the Whore Street lies a peculiar little club with a rather... explosive theme - The H-Bomb Lounge:

Hmm... Lovely concept... Drop da Bomb!

Indoors the nuclear-theme is nicely consequently continued.

I love clubs with a certain edge to their theme. But since I am at Zindra, most places have a totally different (but already familiar) determination:

Yet another variation of a well known theme...

Clear concept: urban decay look, lots of poseballs and rlv traps and lots of people waiting to get hooked up.

Oh and next to the sluts are residing the bimbo's:

The Bimbo Cheerleaders Adult LockerRoom is about... well you can guess.

That creepy... I mean neat looking guy is my old friend Jarem who I found standing around at Slut Street just before. I'm sure he just went there to admire the sports car...

There is also a Infohub in the neighborhood. But since its looking just like the standard Infohub you find everywhere I decided to skip it. Especially since another building in sight tried hard to get our attention:

Hmm... Big Bang Sex Park. Pretty subtle advertisement again. But the walls look suspiciously gorean...

Its not gorean - its just seedy.

Places like this give me a hard time: its just too messy to take a really good picture...

Obviously that place offers a lot - just not organization. Anyway... reaching the end of the road seemed a good way to finish this blogentry too ;-)

This is the end... at least of the southwestern bypass.

Today's leg did lead me from Cloudville to the eastern end of the Southern Bypass.

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