20 December 2011

The Great And Seedy Zindra Bike Tour - Part 5

SL-BDSM-Experts may have recognized the region in my last post. Cloudville is of course home of the House Nishi:

Ok, "house" is an understatement.

The place is more like a city by itself: Several levels with theme-rooms, stores, a garden with maze, a gazebo, a prison, a cafe (not for prisoners)...

Think BIG: The idea for the castle seems to be making the largest possible structure with as less prims as possible.

Choices, choices... perhaps I will have a manicure instead...

They also have a hunt these days (till the end of the year). Nothing with bow and arrow though - a hunt for freebies. You can find more information here.
Personally though I think you get the best freebies already without hunting since there are lots of gifts for group members available at the dungeon.

Pretty good looking and the price is unbeatable.

One of the themed rooms. "Mechanica" is obviously something for the kinky engineers in SL.

I like it more relaxing though. Like in the "Jungle Room".

This theme is called "Darkness". Of course.

Well, House Nishi has a lot to offer & the interior looks pretty nice too. Also to mention on the plus side is that there is usually quite some traffic going on. I'm counting 90 people on the sim as writing this.

Just as I went back on the road again. I spotted a suspicious "Gorean Slave School" sign on my map. Of course I immediately did investigate that place:

Soft pillows and warm colours - yet I still felt a bit uncomfortable.

Perhaps you already know that Gor and me won't ever be friends. In Twilight Forest you usually have nothing but issues with Gor-player. Its a world full of stupid machism and disdain towards women. I had more than once a rather unpleasant encounter with Goreans.

Typical issues are:
  • Excuses like "I wasn't ready" when they got ambushed while wearing a meter in combat mode (be more observant, dude!)
  • RPing the use of hidden weapons while tied up or even unbinding.
  • Total denying of RP (happens usually when shooting a "brave" male Gorean". Some people just can't lose. Especially not to a female). 
  • A general disdain towards the use of RLV - Keep it real! Why pretending to be locked in a cage when - thanks RLV - you actually can be?

All in all Gor is a too uniform, uncreative and predictable world based on a almost fascist ideology with restraining rules which don't leave much space for individualism.

Though the people I've met at the Slave School were really pretty nice. No surprise, they were slave students - who buys (or captures) a disobedient slave?

They are just living in a totally different world and surely want just the kind of dominants they find in Gor...

Obviously Christmas-fashion somehow found its way to Gor too.

After leaving that place. I stumbled over another - pretty odd - sign right next to it. "Bavaria Sex". I could definitely think of a more descriptive name for a store selling RLV traps.

Surprising but efficient way of hiring a secretary: Force sit and strip if you step too close.

I don't know if humans can really imagine how teasing a prohibition sign is for a Drow...

No map with my progress today since I didn't really came far. I'm basically still standing in front of House Nishi where I ended my last post. Next place to discover is "Whore Street" - I guess the name gives a vague idea already what its about:

More of this in the next post... ;-)

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