16 December 2011

The Great And Seedy Zindra Bike Tour - Part 4

So far it seems my journey turns out to be a "bike tour without bike". Well, I don't mind it too much since peaceful walking on a nice and tidy road is less stressful than riding cross country and crashing against banlines all the time instead. So I am just happy with what I have since the sights I discovered so far are really making it worth to explore. Lets see what I found this time...

Yet another dark ruined asylum @ Beauvauis.

No much surprises inside: It meets the standard for creepyness and insanity.

And its pretty cozy too!

My next stop did lead me a little north, away from the road where I spotted some activity on the map. Well, I found indeed "activities".

A typical example of subtlety in advertisement ;-) But it worked: I took a Landmark.

Pretty explicit place...

But I admit: for a place simply offering sex-rp its quite sophisticated.

From the (slut) alley back to the open road. Btw: its called "Southwestern Bypass" but has no cardiological significance.

Baaah! So much road and so less rezz zones.

Todays leg did lead me straight from Beauvais to the sim Aulen, just south of Cloudwille (this name might ring a bell for some. If not, check my next blogentry).

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