23 August 2012

The Great And Seedy Zindra Bane.. well "Bike" Tour - Part 9

What to do when its a rather dull evening and you have left your creativity and motivation somewhere at home? Time for a change I'd say.

So did it happen. I was sitting with my first sub Emma at "Domme a Domme" - a BDSM hangout - and after a while something was just in the air. Well, the name of the place might betray already that I didn't picked it by accident...
One word led to the other, keys changed their owners and suddenly I found myself inside the pretty confining tightness of a bane-suit. Locked in for a week.

The Beginning: Just seconds after the helmet closed around me. Leaving me helpless and totally at her mercy.

Kneeling for her at Dark Wishes.

Since my last post of my zindra-tour is already a while ago (dating from February) and I mentioned before that I want to continue with it, my first task was it go on where I stopped last time.

A bane, a plane and a big box of Dari's Junk...

Even banes like enjoying a nice view.

Well, sort of...

A few meters above me I found a treehouse.

With decent furnishing.

Not far away from the tree-house I spotted the inevitable castle.

Which offered me some very nice photo opportunities.

But is pretty empty besides that.

Back on the road...

More coming soon!

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