27 August 2012

The Great And Seedy Zindra Bane.. well "Bike" Tour - Part 10

I took so many photos on my journey, that I decided to split my post in two parts. It's really interesting to explore as bane. Everything looks mysterious from the vision obscurer and the lack of maps and teleporting makes you remembering your path very well. I didn't wanted to literally lose "track" on where the road lead to...

A small japanese-styled wooden house in front of a giant overpriced eyesore.

I just love these wooden frame windows!

And they allow nice reverse-shots!

Seems I stepped into a fairy-tale somehow...

Looks a bit Londonesk with the restricted vision. And the clock shows of course the correct time.

I found even a dungeon!

And eventually the road agian - where I took my rest.

Due to the banishment-restrictions I wasn't able to take the Slurls, or even take a screenshot of the map to document my path. So my actual route will be a mystery even for me ;-)

However Emma gave me the coordinates of the place where they picked me up eventually: Click

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