22 June 2012

Exploring SL9B

What a lovely event! SL9B is literally bursting with ideas! A virtual-world-fair in the best sense of the word and a strong statement of the creative spirit in SL.

The German RP-Sim Carima had a lovely idea to bring a glance of their world to exhibit: They opened a medieval tavern. Its so far the most accessible and friendly place I did encounter here! Being not a great roleplayer by myself I quickly made it to link up and having a good time there. So if you like to rest your feet after a long day strolling through the various exhibits the Carima Tavern is the right place you. And their mead is excellent!

Just a few steps away from the tavern things are more... surreal though.

Other places however grant residents of SL a look behind the scenes - even if there is sometimes not too much to see though...

Well... don't say you did expect something different.

In general you can describe the SL9B exhibits with "diversity". There is simply something for everybody, no matter if you are into romantic nature-sceneries, philosophical "discussions", art, music architecture...

Somehow Peccanini doing strings-magic. After that picture I decided to have roadie...

Wow - they even put a statue of my friend goat here.

So far I can say Second Life's 9th Birthday is what the Burn2 Events could have been. You can really see some of the finest installations and communities represented on the Grid - a simply amazing event!

21 June 2012

SL9B - Or Simply "Happy Birthday SL!"

Yes, its nearly unbelievable, but our good old Second Life is now nine (!) years old. An anniversary mostly ignored by Linden Labs though - seems they still don't really know how to handle their own creation. But the community again showed its creativity and the wonderful DIY approach which made SL the place we all know and love - its all about the people!

Under http://sl9b.wordpress.com you can find a list Landmarks, a schedule of the ongoing events and a lot more!

Click me for TP

Sadly there isn't much time left - just a few days till the celebrations end on 27th june. So hurry! There is a lot to explore. For example a lovely exhibit and party-place featuring the ancient Egypt:

Of course I had to explore it by plane. It just fits wonderfully into the setting!

Luvia proved herself as skilled pilot handling even the worst lag-crosswinds while I took the pictures.

Ok, enough of blogging. I'll head off to SL9B - see you there!

17 June 2012

Unleashed BDSM And Rock Club

When going to a BDSM club in SL I always that the same problem: as nicely (and kinky) the places were - they never quite played "my" kind of music. Well, I wasn't the only one who felt so and some day the question appeared "Why don't we have our own club?".

Well, we do have one - and after a break its in full flight again! If you like rock and metal, a kinky and playful atmosphere, cages and rlv furniture, Un-Leashed is the right club for you!

 Enjoy hot rock and metal tunes on the dancefloor...

...and have a cocktail at the bar and lounge...

...while your sub is nicely locked in "The Pit"...

...or is securely stored in a pretty "safe" place.

Feel free to come by and have a good time! We are a pretty easygoing bunch and don't apply many rules which aren't already covered by use of some common sense ;-)

Here is your Limo!

...and here you can join our group :-)

4 June 2012

Outch! Pierced Cheek Gags!

Emma seems to develop a serious affinity to gags. Especially to pretty mean piercing gags, as her last release shows: A pair of sheer evilness. I think the pictures speak for themselves - outch!

Twice as evil - only one price for both. The Piercing Gags! 

Evil #1: Hooked Cheek Gag

Evil #2: Pierced Cheek Gag

The gags are of course fully rlv compatible, have several garble levels (using automatic chat-redirection), timelock and keyholder system and a comfortable resizer-menu to make them fit to the subs individual face shape.

Certainly a unique and pretty kinky way to ensure having a quiet sub :-)

Check them out at Emma's Store!