29 November 2011

The Great And Seedy Zindra Bike Tour - Part 1

Time for something new. After my extensive bike tours across Heterocera, Sansara, Satori and Nautilus I decided that my next journey should lead me through the not-so-innocent parts of SL. Or to be precise: The adult continent Zindra.

As usually I start my journeys at nicely remote spots like dead ends. There always lies some symbolism in them: No turning back, a long, open road before you... who knows where your path will lead you and what you will encounter there?

Also I'm glad that my Mistress did accompany me on the first stage of my journey. Sadly I couldn't find a rezz-zone for biking. But we were able to improvise a relaxing way of travelling for her. Miss Vic seems to have liked the idea of getting some pull-around-service, even if I'm a Drow and not a pony as Miss is used to ;-)

The Mistress and her Drow. Start of my tour at the southwestern corner of Zindra.

A... snail-house? Besides that I noticed with delight a certain degree of steampunkiness ;-)

Lots of.. art... inside of the snail-house.

Just around the corner: The legendary Melissa's Cage Room. One of Miss Vic's favorite spots in SL. As the name indicates, MCR offers lots of cages, cells and confinement.

If there were ever doubts about how a cageroom might look like: its full of cages!

Todays journey: not too far but with good photo opportunities already.

4 November 2011

My Second Life Bike Tour the 3rd - Part 35

Back to biking! After a lengthly break - my last biking-entry was in July - I began to feel this call again... the call of the endless road. Well, actually steering a pony-cart on my old biking routes did wake so many nice memories in me that I just had to come back. Another reason for me was the discovery of a nice steampunk bike by Darkfold Designs - I just had to get this one:

Annelie - A dramatic shot for introducing my new bike.

Its really a beauty. Scriptwise not as sophisticated as my choppers (no Hud, no shifiting, not even lights to switch on) but way ahead in terms of looks. Speaking of looks: As great this setting does look like, a few meters further I noticed I was driving into the wrong direction. *cough* Too bad... the light(e)ning looked so great from this side.

After I finally found the right direction my continued journey on the Circuit la Corse led me through quite some interesting locations.  Buildingwise it's certainly not the most boring part of SL:

Second Life's contrasts: urban chaos meets organized tidiness.

Aqua3 - Second Life is so full of common buildings, isn't it?

Fishers Rest - Well, its part of the "Circuit la Corse": Of course I drive there!

Fishers Rest - A certain steampunkish influence is hard to miss.

Venistrate - Martians again???

Toothsum - With bandshirt and badge I feel somehow like a Highway Star!!!

Timescape - You couldn't be more wrong if you think terraforming in SL is done with a simple mouse-click.

I even found the mysterious Chasm City - which purpose remains a secret to me but its spectacular architectural style really knows how to entrance:

Chasm Deep - Terminator playing a harp?

Chasm Deep - vrooooom!

Chasm City in its full dark glory - or is it my sky-setting?

Chasm Deep - some flying electric harps in that tank there - dont ask me why...

Not far from Chasm City lies a nice store. I don't really remember what they sell but the building itself looks pretty cool already ;-)

Majipoor - police control - time to get out my bow...

Today's route brought me quite a bit back towards the west. The Circuit la Corse is a very pleasant route I really can recommend.