28 June 2014

The End... Can Look So Damn Cool!

Since all the talk lately of SL's upcoming Armageddon (which I find greatly exaggerated - people say SL is dead since I can remember!) I found it a good idea to show you the beauty of end-times. And what is better for this than the scenic post-apocylptic town of Shoregate!

Shoregate is the project of Cyhtleen, Zen and me. A post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested town with biker-club/fortified compound nearby. We might got a bit inspired by the Fallout-games. Of course - how you can approach the whole end-of-civilzation-theme without Fallout??

Anyway, its a wonderfully detoriated and fucked up place, which still has this special something... charme, style - and a very relaxed approach. Best take a look by yourself:

On the lookout for zombies at the parking garage.

"Our shadows taller than our souls..." - the airport-area.

Having totally an eye on the situation.

Of course every good town needs a supermarket.

Where the streets all have names.

Traces of a long-gone battle...

...abandoned places.

Not-so-abandoned places.

Just outside of the town you can find a drive-in cinema:

Recently there has also been increased air-activity in the region:

One of my Prometheus-Class Carriers (soon to be replaced by the refit version) and one of the Professor's dirigibles.

Driving through the desert you will eventually find the Disaster Area Bar & Grill-Club (a little 'hats off' to Douglas Adams):

A fata morgana? A hallucination? - No, its Disaster Area!

As you can see you don't need a bike to drink here. An Airship does it just as well!

Who says Drows are menacing??

For the future (yes - there is even a future after the apocalypse!) we have planned some tools to increase the interactvitiy: Vehicle rezzers for guests, a freebie-hunt and perhaps our own combat system with zombie-infection meter!

Feel invited to explore the place - here is the ticket for the ship to shoregate harbor: click!

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