17 October 2015

The Femdom Hunt VI has started!

Everyone who looks forward of walking with high heels over Antony's bare butt again: rejoice - the Femdom Hunt VI is on!

Apart from the trampling aspect (which might have escalated a little in earlier hunts), there are also cool gifts to grab (that's even what the hunt is officially about!) and new places to explore.

This hunt is a quite special one for Emma and me btw. we are currently re-branding Sunshine Technology into S & em. So if you couldn't find us yet on the list of hunt locations: we are there and you will get a literally captivating gift with our new (and highly elegant) logo!

New logo and hunt gift in one frame!

Like it? Come and grab it at our store: S & em (Hunt Location #11)

1 October 2015

Want to see the Prometheus in SL? Here are some places:

Good news! The new Prometheus-Class is now on exhibit in its full life-sized glory at Never Drift and Dark Wishes.

For the future there are several extensions for the ship planned - stay tuned!