21 May 2011

My Second Life Bike Tour the 3rd - Part 19

Wow! Part 19 of my journey already. And there is no end in sight! I had no idea how big this whole project would be when starting my first tour at Heterocera loooong time ago! Back then I had no idea I would even be "compelled" by circumstances (or sheer lazyness) one day to use a plane at all (which feels quite naturally for me in the meanwhile)...

Pouncival -  starting my faithful petite rouge. As you may remember I finished last time with returning to Pouncival. Studying the map (actually just quickly scanning without any further planning) I saw a junction leading to a passage in the south I haven't explored yet starting at Dreyfus.

Flying was actually pretty nice this time. After the 2nd attempt...

Dreyfus - perfect landing. Just a little overshoot. But well... a triplane has no brakes at all.

Spike - grrrr annoying zombie-traffic again!
I really don't like these automatically driving vehicles at all. And the roads of Nautilus are stuffed with them!
Their AI is poor at best: If you stand with your bike on the left side of the road and they approach you driving on the right side you can be sure they will cross to your side and run directly into you...

Speaking of intelligence: somehow the name of the sim (Spike) was familiar to me. A look at the map eventually showed me that I took the wrong way... *coughs* navigating via plane really  seems   more easy for me.

Back to Dreyfus - this time taking the right road.

Barkley - hmm I have nicer wings.  Well, on my planes. ;-)

Helicanus - this wheel's on fire... and I think its the same typie I already saw in Rannveigh.

Beatrice - aaaaaw... and it was such a nice ride!

Part 19 of my journey finally led me to the western coast of Nautilus . an area which still is mainly undiscovered for me. I can't wait to see more of it (if they have roads there of course)!

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