9 June 2011

2000 VISITS!!!

Yes it happened. And faster than expected too: The Drow Diary had its 2000th visit since its launch in March! A pretty good number for my sweet little blog ;-)
So I thought its time for some annoying statistics again!

As expected Google.com is topping the list of pages leading to my blog with 181 links, followed by its german and british cousins with 53 respectively 40.

Frequently searched terms were again for a largest part nuclear related (perhaps time to create role "Nuclear Drow" in my group) followed by "second life pretty pictures" (these I definitely offer^^), "Syldavia" (a role play community I travelled through in one of my last blog-entries but which didn't left a lasting impression) and "Sopwith Camel" (my faithful machine which led me savely through the lag-thunderstorms of Blake Sea).

Again there were also some rather funny (or silly) search terms leading to my site. Usually things like "where was the torture chamber in a castle" (ok, I'm sort of specialist in that field...), "gadget for sun" (whatever that means... a sunshade perhaps? A flashlight? Sun block?)

Like when hitting the 1500 posts-mark the countries I got most visits from were there USA, Germany and the UK and other "classical" Second-Life-countries but I see with pleasure clicks from literally all over the world - which is just what Second Life is made for!

So after 62 posts the 2000 clicks are a nice and welcome reward. Thank you my dear readers! It is really a pleasure building up my diary and hope you have a smile on your face (or something similar if you have a beast-avatar) when going through my posts (even the parts where I'm constantly running into banlines^^).

Sort of "celebrating" the 2000th page visit.

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