2 June 2011

Time Standing Still - The Mysteries of Pteron - Part IV

Welcome to the last part of my treasure hunt at Pteron. Looking at the pictures I've took there I'm sure it wont be my last visit there.

Nostos  is one of the simplest yet visually most stunning places there. A space capsule trapped in the gravitational field of a dying star. There were no artifacts to pick up here. But some great photo-opportunities:

Nostos in its full beauty: A place out of time and space.

I guess I dont promise too much when saying its really worth a look. Nostos It also offers a teleports leading directly to the other sites. I picked Speciation where I found some of the coolest artifacts so far.

Another God Wand (the middle one is clickable) can be found here.

In these strange plants looking like made of pure light you can find a wonderful necklace (with different variants for males and females). Very stylish!
My last destination was Kyklos. Like Nostos it doesn't has any treasures (at least as far I could find them) but also offering some awesome eye-candy instead:

Some alien-jellyfish hidden in a moon. Since it has no exit you have to teleport out of it.

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