15 May 2013

A Living, Breathing Steampunk Metropolis - New Babbage Part 4 - Port Babbage

After having recovered from my bizarre diving accident in the Vernian Sea, I went on with the discovery of Port Babbage, the city's spacious harbor located at its eastern coast.
Oh, and I wasn't alone at my explorations. My faithful - luggage case - did accompany on my wanderings through this peculiar and charming place.

Me and my luggage case starting our journey at the pier of Port Babbage.

What a lovely sunny day!

The Skyline of Port Babbage!

Firstly I decided to stroll around in the back-streets. You often find interesting spots there which usually would get overlooked. In this case it was a cemetery though (and I always thought dead steampunks get recycled by mad scientists!).

Enjoying a bright sunny day in New Babbage...

...ooh! did the lid just open? Well, its obviously a Sunsonite case!

Hmmm, "Boat and boiler repairs" I wonder if they refit my luggage case into a small steamboat...

They didn't - what a pity! However just a few steps later I became the witness of the high degree of interactivity an ordinary Sunsonite-case is capable of:

Cute! It grabs freebies!

"Weird Tales" - I think H. P. Lovecraft did publish there too.

Thats what I love on this city. You just step out of a building or a narrow street and you get such lovely sights - just so :-)

Self-portrait of your favorite blogging Drow!

Port Babbage Skyline - Part 2

And so does that scene looks from the ground.

An interesting looking structure at one of the piers did caught my attention.

Curious looking Drow with a curious looking case. This looks almost like...

...an elevator!

It leads to the bottom of the sea.

The glass tunnels lead to the underwater station in the Vernian Sea.

W is for "Welcome"!

I figured that this funny blinking machine is a teleporter device. Too bad that I was already where I wanted to be. So I didn't use it.

Back on the surface I continued with exploring the shops. Unsurprisingly commerce takes a big part in the harbour district. Luckily the strict building conduct saves the city from eyesores - very nice!

A prefab store is selling this pub furnishing. It looks really fine - however sitting on it...

...showed some room for improvement!

Another store had something I haven't seen in sl before: A Paternoster!

Yes, most stores really look fine here.

And have funny freebies! Souvenirs from Mars and cheese guns - true must-haves!

This seems to be a kiosk for prospective citizens of New Babbage. Lots of information about the city there.

Wandering along the quay wall turned out to be quite entertaining:

Want learn building? Get your ass up and take classes :p

*gets  suddenly  some funny ideas about applications of wax*

No comment ;-)

One last look at Port Babbage - the next episode will feature its eastern neighbor Clockhaven!

I can't say it often enough: New Babbage is really worth the journey. I guess the sheer amount of pictures I took betrays that ;-) Its obviously that a lot, lot energy and creativity was put in this city. Well done!

Taxi to Port Babbage

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