20 September 2014

Starting October 1st: Sinister Steampunk Hunt 4!

My friend Zen did point me at the Sinister Steampunk Hunt not long ago. It obviously deals more with the dark side of steampunk, which seems 1) pretty suiting to my tastes and 2) in general  to be pretty fun, doesn't it?

The Sinister Steampunk Hunt 4. Definitely an event worth joining!

To have a suitng gift I decided to make a Zeppelin miniature from scratch - exclusively for the hunt.

May I introduce: the Air Pirate Zeppelin!

Of course I am not an air pirate: The picture is just promotional, really!

This one was really fun to build and happened pretty quickly too. A flyable, full-sized variant (some 60+ meters long) will follow soon!

Also visit the Sinister Steampunk Hunt website for more info!