About me

Somehow Peccable – or simply „Some“ for her friends - is blogger, explorer, aviator and Steampunk desginer.

Despite living amongst humans for several years now, she still considers them as „odd animals“. However she doesn't deny that most are actually - with all their peculiarities - pretty likable.

She is not the typical Drow you might expect to encounter, which reflects in her appeal for arts, music, aviation and various other hobbies (besides hunting humans).

Some is perhaps the first Drow who crossed all of Second Life's continents via bike (and most likely the only one) and one of the few Drow flight pioneers.

For her Second Life's spirit lies in the rich and wonderful land of imagination it is. “SL is what you make of it, and it offers me the tools and artistic freedom to create all these crazy things which want to get out of my head. For me Steampunk is the vision of a better world. Of a whimsical utopia out of time, full of creativity in design and architecture. A friendly, peaceful place of imagination, inventors and daring explorers.”

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