16 February 2013

New BDSM Toy: RLV Leather Mittens!

It is a great pleasure for me to announce the release of a new RLV item by my partner and submissive Emma: RLV Leather Mittens!

Sunshine Technology RLV Leather Mittens

Starting originally as something for our private use only the mittens turned out to look so nice - we just had to release them :-)

They feature anything a good RLV item needs:

  • Timelock
  • Keyholder
  • Fartouch/Touch-block
  • Colour-menu with custom colours
  • Comfortable menu with extremely low lag
  • Fantastic look with lots of details!

They are of course made with highest attention to detail. Drow and underwear however are not included!

The RLV Mittens are available at Emmas store Sunshine Technology at the Marketplace or at her in-world store at Lady Karenjane Walworth's Estate.

Emmas Store: Sunshine Technology.

Switching is fun - even more with nice mittens on!

8 February 2013

Please More Of That Jazz: DJ Goat Ebbage!

This time I present you a very good friend of mine: Goat Ebbage! His great love is the music of the good old times (blues and jazz from the 1920s to the 1950s like) and sharing it as DJ.

DJ Goat spinning the discs!

His shows are always something special. Not only because the fine music selection featuring popular tunes as well as rarities: His anecdotes and stories around legends like Louis Jordan, Louis Armstrong and Benny Goodman make his sets really becoming alive!

Quite a crowd at Birdland!

Birdland Jazzclub & Lounge

Goat is currently DJing at Birdland (they have a blog too!) and Voodoo Blues and also does private parties and weddings. Oh, and lately he is expanding his range into rock and metal sets too - the music of his wild days!

If you like to see (and hear!) him, check out his regular shows at Birdland, on Mondays at 7 PM and Thursdays at 6 PM SL-time and Saturdays at 2 PM at Dizzy Lizzy's.

6 February 2013

Coming Soon: Festival Of Steam!

Great news! I will participate on the Festival of Steam!

The centerpiece of my exhibit will be my new Airship, the Prometheus - a mighty flying aircraft-carrier.

Big Lady: The Prometheus during its test-run above my home.

The Prometheus will have a length of 43 meters, 3 Decks and will use up as little as 130-140 prims! It will feature an extendable landing strip, a fully functional main engine and a operator HUD for incoming airplanes!

The presentation of the Prometheus will be at March 2nd 10 am SL time (7 pm european time) at Lancaster Castle the home of my friend Cyhtleen Earhart.

Besides this show event I will also be present with my line of steampunk Furniture and Airplanes at a store at their Steampunk Market during the whole festival!

The Festival of Steam will be held in the first week of March (from the 1st to the 7th, to be precise) and will be held at several locations, as:
Lancaster Castle, Virtual Cologne, Kafe Kruemelkram and the SL Planetarium.

Oh and another good news is that my friend, the fantastic Sioux Nikolaidis, will do a concert at the festival on March 5th at 1 PM SL-time at the Planetarium!

For further information, an artist-list and a schedule check out the Festival-Blog!