6 February 2013

Coming Soon: Festival Of Steam!

Great news! I will participate on the Festival of Steam!

The centerpiece of my exhibit will be my new Airship, the Prometheus - a mighty flying aircraft-carrier.

Big Lady: The Prometheus during its test-run above my home.

The Prometheus will have a length of 43 meters, 3 Decks and will use up as little as 130-140 prims! It will feature an extendable landing strip, a fully functional main engine and a operator HUD for incoming airplanes!

The presentation of the Prometheus will be at March 2nd 10 am SL time (7 pm european time) at Lancaster Castle the home of my friend Cyhtleen Earhart.

Besides this show event I will also be present with my line of steampunk Furniture and Airplanes at a store at their Steampunk Market during the whole festival!

The Festival of Steam will be held in the first week of March (from the 1st to the 7th, to be precise) and will be held at several locations, as:
Lancaster Castle, Virtual Cologne, Kafe Kruemelkram and the SL Planetarium.

Oh and another good news is that my friend, the fantastic Sioux Nikolaidis, will do a concert at the festival on March 5th at 1 PM SL-time at the Planetarium!

For further information, an artist-list and a schedule check out the Festival-Blog!

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  1. Amazing! Looking forward to the week long celebration and hope that you'll consider my newest stage Tesla Hall as a location!

    Roxy Gellar

    aka Roxy Roller