29 December 2014

Yay! New Shoregate is close to Completion!

One could argue of course, that a Sim is never really, really, fully finished, but I am happy to say New Shoregate is in a very showable state already! :-)
Regular readers may have noticed that when it gets quiet here *taps the blog and sees some dustclouds rising*, then I'm quite busy with other projects. Well, obviously the other project was New Shoregate!

The massive Shoregate-Tower dominating the city.

It was such a fun to build there - and still is! Cyhtleen and I are a very good team and also the input from our friends was extremely helpful to create a believable, breathing (btw. do zombies breathe?) and very atmospheric city.

At the Harbour,

A big part of the atmosphere comes from the right choice of buildings, colours and the right layout. To achieve this I was looking intensely at prefabs to use at New Shoregate, but I soon realized that if I wanted to have things look right and have a decend land impact (its "just" a Homestead-Sim after all!), I had to make them by myself. Which I did.
I will gradually put the items I created (and will create) on sale: houses, airship docking tower, diverse building compoments - and perhaps even our tram system.

The Tram is elevated, so you can run away from Zombies better!

The Prometheus and the Airpirate-Zeppelin docking at the Shoregate-Tower.

The Northern Bridge.

Speaking of sale: I moved my mainstore from Lionheart to New Shoregate. It is simply a much better display opportunity. Basically the whole sim is a Drow Science showroom! Especialy the new structures and my big airships will benefit a lot from the move. They can't really been exhibited at a rental sim.

The new Drow-Science Mainstore.

The new Drow Science Mainstore is located on the main street leading north from the harbor. Just follow the rails for the Tram and you can't miss it! It also has a Sunshine-Technology-section (the store my partner Emma owns).

Yay! So many nice things to buy!

The creator and her creations.

The Morlock's Revenge Pub. Soon on sale too!

The Cemetery: who knows the first incarnation of Shoregate surely knows how much I like the beauty of decay.

Anyway. I wish you a lot of fun on New Shoregate! We will gradually add more things to it, most prominently a adventure-game/gift hunt based on a Lovecraftian story. Stay tuned for more news!

Your Ticket to New Shoregate