29 July 2011

RLV Hunting Season - Welcome to Twilight Forest

As mentioned already a few posts earlier I was introduced into the world of hunting sims on SL. Twilight Forest to be precise. When reading my post from back then I have to admit I was full of silly prejudices. Now after I gave hunting a 2nd try I actually like it!

But I better begin with a little introduction: As regular readers might have noticed my SL is not only about building, flying and exploring. Its actually pretty kinky. And kinky in Second Life means RLV.

So what is RLV? RLV is short for Restrained Love Viewer and is basically a tool which brings some "real" BDSM-experience into SL. It for example allows others to restrict your ability of standing up, teleporting, use of your inventory or IMs, chatting, etc. and is usually used with cages, cuffs and similar stuff.

Sounds nasty? Maybe... but perhaps some nastiness is just what BDSM-people love ;-) It can actually be great fun and is pretty thrilling if used with creativity and good role-play.

Speaking of role-play, its just what Twilight Forest is about: You can hunt some human (or non-human) prey for domming or getting hunted and forced to submit by yourself. So you have to be a bit careful when participating there...

For hunting-purposes Twilight Forest uses the Gorean-Combat-System using medival weaponry like bow and arrow, swords, spears, shields etc. but thankfully not applying any gorean-rules. In fact I noticed with pleasure, there's quite an amount of female dominance there - which is right the opposite to Gor.

Ok, enough blabla for now. Lets see some pictures!

Everything you need for getting started: weapons, HUD, RLV-relay and some nice restraints - of course all for free!

A deep dark forest.. what trouble will you encounter here?

Captured prey can be brought to one of the buildings scattered around the forest...

...where you can find some handy restraining devices. Hmmm. I remember this one...

A view at the rough landscape with plenty of hiding places.

There some hidden underground dungeons too. Not easy to find though.

Chatting with one of the regulars there.

No, the campfire is not for grilling your prey! 

If you are curious now about Twilight Forest and how to get RLV: You may perhaps have it already since its already embedded im many Third Party Viewers like Phoenix, Firestorm or the Restrained Love Viewer itself and just waits for you to turn it on and go for some hunting!

21 July 2011

Da Vinci Drow!

I think everyone who knows the name Leonardo da Vinci and who don't mix up the term "Renaissance" with a french automobile-brand is familiar with his drawings of (at least back then)  futuristic machines like tanks, submarines, airplanes or... helicopters!

The drawing which started everything. Btw. da Vinci's notebook is almost as famous as a certain Drow diary!

Quite a striking design, isn't it? And since my Steampunk airplane you can see in the post below was so smoothly to build I instantly went on with my next project - I think you know already what it is ;-)

If you havent guessed it yet (even when looking at the picture: Its a Steampunk helicopter!

Of course I had to add a steam-engine. After all I'm pretty lazy, so the pedal drive didn't really convince me. So its da Vinci goes Steampunk, or Steampunk goes da Vinci - whatever you prefer^^
Luckily recreating the distinctive air-screw was pretty easy using a spheric prim and adding a bit revolutions and other tweaks to it. Getting the flying script right was much harder work but now at least I know a bit more about vehicle scripting and what the different values do.

The helicopter has a nicely animated crankshaft with cogwheels (not speaking of the air-screw itself which just looks stunning when rotating), sound and a smoke script to underline the word steam in "Steampunk"!

"Screwed-up" at Cafe Lounge!

You can also call it a flying da Vinci hand blender.

Some detail-views:

Nice and shiny - and of course rotating.

Also nice but not included: Cute Drow-pilot.

After some evaluation-flights and final tweaks on the flight-script this little gem will of course show up at my store at the SL Marketplace.

16 July 2011

New Toy - Steampunk Airplane Mk2!

Do you know this feeling when you wake up and suddenly have a great idea? Perhaps something thats been in your subconscious mind for a while finally gets a breakthrough? Well, today I had such feeling and went straight into my mad-scientists-workshop! When I came out of it later I had a satisfied smile on my face: not only that my idea did worked - the result looks pretty cool actually!

Its not a complete new plane but a major overhaul of my first Steampunk Airplane. I was never really happy with its bulky cockpit nacelle (a pretty cool aviation term I did look up btw^^) and the way the texture-struts did look. So I felt its time for a more streamlined and elegant "Steamplane".

I am really delighted how well the new design works. It looks much more lightweight and nimble than its predecessor - in fact I think its a pretty sexy plane even!

Some posing at the Prague Airport

Prepearing for the first official flight - lets hope the weather (lag) is good today!

In fact the flight was pretty fine even!

Making a save landing at the Hollywood Airport - where else is it possible to get there in a non-stop flight from Prague in a few mins?

Its just a lovely little plane, isn't it? Of course its available for purchase in my store - as always for a very favorable price! :-)

Blue skies!

15 July 2011

Freaky Stuff that Flies!

As you surely have noticed Second Life is full with odd stuff which hangs in the sky for no logical reason at all. Flying pieces of land, rocks, spaceships, airships, whole levitating cities - its a colorful palette of the impossible but not unthinkable - and in Second Life quite a lot things you can imagine can be put into reality too!

So enjoy my little gallery of the weirdest levitating objects I found on my journeys so far.

Ok, I admit: the bus is not really levitating. It just bounces up and down from colliding with an invisible border. But its still funny!

A Nuke can hardly look more innocent.

And that's just bad taste.

It's not a bug - its Second Life: The downsides of user-generated content.

12 July 2011

When a Drow Meets a Troll

As you may imagine an encounter like this isn't without some tension first. Well, actually a fight for life or death is pretty likely. But meeting the Troll Hymir at The Nordlands went much different.

A fishing Troll is indeed quite a strange view. But it seems to be a kind of complementary training to smashing heads with an axe.

Ok - first he was a bit grumpy since I have stolen some fishes from his bucket but agreeing on the stupidity of mankind seemed to break the ice eventually. Never underestimate the charm of a Drow ;-)

It was a pleasant talk where we shared some cook-recipes for... well - better don't ask... And talked about measures for keeping humans away from our dwellings. In the northern lands they seem to be quite a plaque:

Some: I found out a human head on a spike works fine
Hymir: tried et
Hymir: head whole bodies
Hymir: semms ta encourage da igits
Some: lol 
The Nodlands is a beautiful Viking-RP sim located somewhere in the northern seas. Being a creature of Norse/German origin I of course love the wild and rough landscape where the old gods and myths are still strong. A very refreshing contrast to cheesy fantasy-sims!

11 July 2011

Some Visits the Forgotten City

On my bold travelings where no Drow has been before I discovered the enigmatic Forgotten City. I think at least since I did write about Pteron its pretty obvious that I like mysterious places where your imagination can run loose a bit.
Forgotten City is the perfect place for that. I literally spent hours with discovering and taking loads of photos - Its just a wonderful, enchanting, amazing, beautiful place. Want have a tour through it? I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!

Forgotten City in its full glory - a picturesque treasure chest of creativity.
When visiting the city the first time you will notice a unique architecture combining classicism with strong steampunk influences resulting in a very urban feeling. Its just a pleasure to stroll trough its alleys and enjoy the many details which make the city literally breathe.

A swing! Time to behave immature!

I don't know if it was a glitch with the physics-engine or sheer Drow audacity but somehow something went wrong with it...

Wasn't me!
Anyway: No-one knows what happened to the creators of the city: where they went, who they were - its all a mystery. All they have left in the city are their statues standing everywhere like frozen ghosts from the past.

They look a bit spooky don't they?

Well, at least its not porn.

But by sheer coincidence I came behind one of their secrets. Since then I have no doubt that the swing will be repaired very soon:

There is actually some life in them! Or at least some kind of mechanism making them keeping the city neat and tidy - and not wasting energy.
After unveiling this secret I found they (whoever "they" are) are offering airship-tours there! Of course I had to take one:

The Airship-harbor of Forgotten City. The steampunk elements add a nice art-deco touch here and there.

My little zeppelin-taxi making its way trough the street canyons.
Isn't it a lovely little city? I better let the pictures speak for themselves:

Eventually I even found some kind of lounge/information center. Well, actually they don't offer much information about the city itself but some very stylish stuff again!

Outside the city lies a small island which is home to a cute lighthouse and a windmill.

There is also a mailboat offering its service:

As if the sign could read my mind... too bad the island seems a bit unfinished yet.

Back to the city itself I went on discovering. Especially discovering height and dept as you can see ;-)

Hmmm... looks like some action.

Yeah! Why using elevators if you can have fun?

Above the city are some levitating islands located offering interesting solutions for densely crowded urban areas:

Of course it works! Now don't tell me you're not believing that Drows exist too?

To make a long story short: There are not many places in Second Life which have captivated me as much as Forgotten City. Its just an amazing place - don't miss it!