10 July 2011

My Second Life Bike Tour the 3rd - Part 34

Leaving from Cromboy's place, my journey following the Circuit la Corse went on pretty colorful. Perhaps I simply see more things with the higher draw distance now... anyway: Corsica offered again plenty of nice photo-opportunities!

Penning - a plateau - now thats something uncommon.

Penning - it looks even more spectacular from the ground.

Siradel - lots of shops... and a cave

Uuuh - mine is way nicer!

Some meters above is some kind of store. Well I didn't cared much about it but they have a nice office- This pose is called procrastinate btw.

The alert reader might also notice I got my cuffs unlocked. After 4 short days or so ;-)

Another store there - but also a pretty snuggly cuddle place.

Kloos - i bet you guessed it already - another castle!

It wont be worth mentioning if they hadn't the first double-bed-casket here Ive ever seen!

Btw: the picture was taken shortly before I got auto-rejected by their security system. It took me 3 attempts till I finally got a decent picture there. The more interesting areas of the castle (like the dungeon) were restricted from public access though. Too bad - I had loved to give them my rating...

Urqhart - now thats quite a landmark.

Wharshaw - quite the interesting neighborhood.

Today's journey led me deep into the far northeast of Corsica. A really nice journey with many interesting roadside sights. My next steps will lead me back into the west again closing my circle around the continent. And then? Let's see. There are still some undiscovered bits and pieces of Corsica left. Not speaking of the continent of Gaeta V in the east.

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